by Simon Janosch

iris seeking critique simon janosch

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Published: Monday 20th of April 2009 07:47:27 PM


Steve Ward
Since the uniqueness of the photo comes from the DOF, which I appreciate a lot, I wonder how you managed such control from such a distance.

Allen R
This is a beautiful and eye catching photo but personally I'd prefer to have her entire body in focus.

Janosch Simon
hey there no EBV manipulation...just the tilt shift lens wide open... cheers janosch

Clemson Guy
Lovely Great use of DOF. Is that manipulated at all? All in all a great shot that caught my eye.

Chuck Turner
Good and unique image. Good use of a TS-E. I've been considering getting one myself. Sometimes I look at a color image and wonder how it would look in B&W. Now I wonder how this image would look in color. I guess it's always something.... Nice work.

Kurt Kramer
I have high regard for you as a photographer. Your image titled Monika is one of the most luxuriously sensual I have ever seen. But this experiment doesn't work for me. Her torso and face are too close to being on the same plane, the same distance from the camera, that it's obvious the selective blurring is more than just a depth of focus issue. It just seems false and contrived. Further, the pose is awkward with her head at a strange and uncomfortable angle, and the facial expression is weird. Back to the focus issue, it's a bad choice to have the seams in the uninteresting pillows sharply in focus, while a beautiful torso is blurred.

Bob Kurt
A very beautiful picture

Janosch Simon
"Iris" kind regards Janosch

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