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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Barry Denton

Rudolf Kartelin
Beautiful work. I dream to make a series of photographs. Dear John. I like your work. I showed them my students. They are an example of very good taste, glamor and nude. I did not understand a comment to this photo http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=8578444. Bad I know English. I will always belong to you with respect. You big-professinal photographer. Regards, Rudolf

Andrew Mackin
Hi John Really love this. Daring, well composed, great pose, tastefull. Congrats Andrew

Maurizio Melozzi
..... here, .....another great example, how to do a photo rich of glamour, sensuality, and stylish. Here all is perfect, light, styling, expression, all well done. I like so much, the mood of the photo, burlesque but full of erotism. Gorgeus John, .....always number ONE.-

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Perfect shoot,superb model, and very good idea to make the shoot in outside this gives a atmosphere more sexy and glamour. John you be an excellent photographer very pro, I like your work and creativity, it is always a pleasure to see your pictures. Friendly. Jean-Jacques.

John Peri
Thank you for your comment. Yes, I step outside my apartment building and take a few photos for my series. However, it is irrespective of where you take a picture, it is either good or it is not. If you don't like it, thanks for pointing it out, it's always useful. In my view, this particular one is possibly one of the better ones (I like the figure in the background doing the exact opposite with her coat) and it will be fun alongside others in the volume. However, there will be more and it's not something I really plan to do around the city, so if it bores you, and I sympathize, please don't open again the thumbnails. ... but if you think it's easy, that's another matter, then just step outside and try it ... :-)

Son De Loing
As much as I like your pictures, the ones on the street give me the impression that you just step outside and shoot away. Come on, you can find more interesting places in Paris, the model is beautiful as always, the location isn't. Give those street pictures the same energy that you use in the house, it will be great.

John Peri
A walk on the wild side ...

Nice as always! :)

Eduardo Agustin Carrasco
very good work

Alberto Quintal
John Always perfect!!! Regards. Alberto

Maurizio Moro
Again to you!...Ciaomau!

Antonio F
great I like very much I want to copy your style

John Peri
I do not understand the purpose of the message above, there must be some misunderstanding. You left a comment that was complimentary in style, as in the past, and went on to express your opinion about this shot. Nothing wrong with that. Nothing wrong either with explaning the reason why I sometimes repeat the same work and in asking people if it bores them, not to bother looking when I place repetitive work in my file. I happen to like this one actually, but that is besides the point. You have every right not to, as I stated clearly above and thanked you for the usefulness of the comment. Now the fun you wish to others should be shared, that is for me the primary purpose of this site. That was also my intent in suggesting that you "step outside" to try it. It's a joke ....... I refer to the street nudity, 50 meters from a police station, not the quality of the work. As I already explained under this shot on Deviant Art, my heart admittedly missed a beat when I looked across to the other side of the street and saw not one, but three policemen looking on. But this is Paris you know, they were laughing. In fact they would not go away hoping to see more, and we withdrew inside until they left !

Son De Loing
Sorry master to bother, I see everyone is worshiping. So it's great! I said these street pictures are not up to the level of the other ones, that's all and you know it. You tell me to not open your thumbs again. Ok, stay with the thumbs up crowd. Your other pictures are great. BTW. it makes no difference if I can shoot a better picture than this, critics and production are two very different things. Have fun.

Son De Loing
From this point of view I can follow you. The push of adrenaline is exciting, it alone makes it worth to try this kind of picture. I did not realize at which point you take a pleasure in your shooting and I see that this is it what keeps your pictures light and elegant all the time ( well , your choice of models helps it, I guess you don't rely on the average parisian model...) Why not leave the city once and shoot in the countryside? Fontainebleau forest? Anyway, keep the joy.

John Peri
I will definitely try that one day. I have never done photos I the countryside. Best wishes, John

David Noble
Yeah... The hooded youth in the background makes this picture for me. I wish I had the nuts to try this sort of thing... but unfortunatley, the police in Newcastle take a dimmer view of public nudity than thier Parisian colleagues.

Raymond Elstad
Good to see that you are still our Man on the Street John... Lovely Indeed and yes... Fun!

John Peri
Thank you Raymond and other friends too .. incidentally, I did this recently in New York too .. and without the coat .. :-)

Erasto Ahoto
Definitely a glamour shot. I see the women in the background as a model who's just not shooting at the moment. One of the most beautiful models I know dresses like that. Maybe she is a youth, I really can't tell from the shot. I enjoy your work. Peace

John Peri
The sheltered and the profane .. A walk on the wild side ...

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