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Published: Wednesday 24th of July 2002 02:12:53 AM


Dan Kapsner
Looking (Port Huron) A very witty photograph! I admire the work you have shown here. Regards, Dan Kapsner

choeN .
Very comedic.

Frank May
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 i really like your work. the photos look so classic. i would like to know the year you shot them. best regards!

Ri©k Vincent
Cheers! Very nice portfolio. Love your black and white work.

Marc G.
Besides the burning, which seems a bit heavy on the sea, this is really an amazing image...

W J Gibson
HCB would have liked to take this one. Great shot.

Andrew Somerset
This is wonderfully bizarre. Grabs me and won't let go. Well seen.

Frederic Pascual
yes...very HCB..congrats...

Rondal Nethermeer
One of my photo.net favorites. I've been trying to figure out what historical photograph this reminded me of. It's "Large Bore Cannon, Baltic Fleet, 1936" by Yakov Khalip.

Brady Lancaster Stump
Reminds me of one of those old Shirley Temple movies

Rusla Safin
This one is simply magnificent...)

Charles Zachritz
I love it. Did you ever watch the series 'Wings'? That guy looks just like Roy Biggins.

Alex B
i love this pic, better than pow!! :)

Peter Mead
Wonderful, unrepeatable shot. Yes, a cross between HCB and Lee Friedlander and sponsored by Monty Python. The world truly is a stage.

Fabiola Barrientos
Me recuerda mucho a una foto de HCB que ví ¥n una exposici�n meses despué³ q muriera. Precioso portafolio!!

Juan Guerrero
man, it?s so good this one

Dirk Vermeirre
A very strong and intriguing image. Difficult to say why but it has a strong impact on me. The composition is also excellent !

Bertrand Garnier
Great This photo is one of my 2 top preferred ones. Bravo! Bertrand Garnier

Matthew Dapkus
Timeless! I Like it!

Bertrand Garnier
I can't help coming back and look at this photo because it makes me laugh so much.... Terrific!!

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