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Gallery: Strange fantasies

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Thursday 16th of April 2009 11:17:25 AM


Michael Meneklis
Very impressive, beautiful and creation. Bravo.

Jerry Matchett
John, Are you emulating Picasso and going into a Blue period? Interesting effect. Did you add light to her middle or is that post processing? Jerry

Alon Eshel
Stunning An excellent work , The blue tone is perfect so is the way she glows at the center . I really love this one

John Peri
Thank you Artur, I appreciate that, but I really do understand and even sympathize that some people simply don't like this kind of approach. Best wishes, John

Stephen Solomon
Being a realist, I must say that this is very unique. The image is eye catching in that the subject is very much brighter than that of her surroundings. Her pose is graceful and artsy, which keeps the interest of the viewer. She doesn't look real. Some areas are obviously manipulated to achieve brightness. This is too obvious. It is almost as if the smoke of her cigarette has blanketed her form and caused it to glow. But then, this could be only half of what you really envisioned!

Jim Phelps
John, I REALLY LIKE THIS IMAGE A LOT!!!!! The color, the smoke, the facial expression all work together to take me back to the early 1960's jazz period. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Haha! I've been into blue for a long time Jerry .. :-) I did all kinds of things to this photo as you rightly suggest, mostly post photo .. I've been doing that for a long time too as you know

John Peri
Fair enough Stephen, but can we really fully encompass ever what our dreams are ..

Arjen van de Merwe
Good pose, model, outfit. The interior somehow does add to the style. The lighting seems a bit primitive, with a flash shadow on the background. The crazy digital highlight on the model is interesting and does add style, but it does not make up for the lighting.

Artur Cansino
Love the shadows John....oh the concept as expected is great and I like the light you have applied to the model as well John. Artur

John Peri
Hello Arjen thanks for popping by. It's a fantasy shot, alike many others in the portfolio. It's manipulated from a rather typical, normally lit shot and I do indeed work basically with flash. One has every right not to like it and I thank you for giving your opinion. The one thing I do not agree with however, and I've said this before, is the shadow which is a part of every day existence .. only ghosts to my knowledge don't leave shadows and I have always met with difficulty in photographing those. It would be relatively easy to remove here, but I find it adds furthermore to the atmosphere. Well, all this is taste really, and that is what each of us are here to express .. :-) Hmm, there is a h u u u g e shadow in the photograph that you just posted. Obviously your model is not a ghost either ... they are really hard to find nowdays ... :-)

John Peri
hey ... "Jazz on a hot summer night" ... I like that Jim, thanks .. :-)

Devoid Atelier

Really like this work a lot, using blue and the main hue in a work is something I like to do, this work has such a beautiful range of tones of blue and the lighting concentrating on the model creates a surreal feel to the image. The angles that her pose creates makes an interesting counter balance to the geometry of the door  and room.

Raymond Elstad

Most Intriguing this is... and as you undoubtedly know I am very fond of garter belts :=} I like how you've highlighted this one too I do!


John Peri
Delirium .. Strange fantasies file ....

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