The Old House Is Dying in the Rain

by Kelly Landrum

the old house is dying in rain seeking critique kelly landrum

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Category: Architecture

Published: Wednesday 15th of April 2009 04:01:01 AM


Jack McRitchie
A snapshot on the passage, a moment in the history of this house. Perhaps it was once someone's pride and joy with children playing on front stairs that have now somehow disappeared. It seems little more than a facade; we can see straight through the broken door panel to the trees on the far side. One good windstorm and it's gone. Like all of us.

Landrum Kelly
This was shot in February, Jack. I saw it twice more in two successive months, March and April, and then one day some months later I thought to drive by again and it was gone--and not merely down, but cleaned up so well and with thick grass growing all around, with only the big old trees serving as a clue that someone had once lived in this field besides cows. We are dust in the wind, are we not, Jack, just like this old house? --Lannie

Pnina Evental
Lannie and Jack What a pesimistic( even true) feelings looking at this house. Time has left his marks on it, the shadow is strong as well as the light on his history, but he has a history, life history. Through the broken window we see nature trees and green grass in the front. there are life around. Human being are transient, but life go's on, active, creating developing, with its positives and negatives. I prefer to look at the "Half full glass" ( my bio as well.....;-)) (Lannie I have written to you on your last comment)

Landrum Kelly
A Minor Falling Out Thanks for viewing and commenting.


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