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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Tuesday 14th of April 2009 10:39:58 AM


John Peri
Actaually Biliana, I have found that amazingly people usually don't notice ...

John Peri
Thank you Tammy .. it's then that I discovered three policemen the other side of the street, collapsing with laughter. The only problem is that they wouldn't go away, so we had to move back indoors until it was clear again .. :-) .. yes, this is Paris !

John Peri
Yesterday .. 4.00 PM !

Tammy V.
Hee! Hee! Love this, John!

David Barstow
John, You AND your model are having WAY too much FUN! Thanks for putting a smile on my face. ;-)

Alon Eshel
You really enjoy time and have fun ....... Don't you ? :)

Stephen Solomon
Daring Do.... Hey, John! This is great! You do know how to keep photography fun! And your model gives some great expressions. It's also hilarious to hear that the police were enjoying your escapades too. I suspect that the other anonymous young woman is somewhat envious that it is not she who has the attention of your camera. After all, she is equipped with a cute figure and the appropriate over coat. Perhaps she has been your subject already, or she will become your subject in the future?? I wouldn't be surprised. Although the lighting is very strong at this time of day, your results are well accomplished. I am not too sure about the wardrobe combination. Part business, part athletic. At any rate, it definitely looks spontaneous.

Tanya Truong
Fun fun fun... John! Paris is not only romantic but also much more fun than US. You make us all want to move to Paris now.

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