Wintery Gutach Falls

by Tsoi Wilson

wintery gutach falls tsoi wilson

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Published: Monday 22nd of July 2002 10:25:40 PM


Marc G.
Good framing, and what's inside in ok too. Just not very original, and to me, it doesn't convey much. Winter time obviously, but nothing more than that. It's well done, but not very suggestive for me. Regards.

M.M. Meehan
Nice shot. Good framing. I want to tweak its colors up a bit, but that's just my opinion. Keep on posting!

Len Marriott
Good Use of 'Found' frame ! Wilson, I like the way you've used the 'found' frame. Dull, drizzly weather, provides just the right combo for recording this type of scene. Any more specular and the highlights would wash right out. The web of mostly bare branches still allows the essence of the scene to show through and the remaining colourful leaves break up the overall grayness of it. Gives me a pretty good feel for the place. Worth the time, effort, and materials I'd say. Best, LM.

joe w
great colour Great colour, the red flowers are beautifull against the snowy backdrop and the bridges draw you in ,wondering where they are going. I wouldn't change a thing.

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