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Published: Monday 13th of April 2009 07:09:48 AM


Cynthia Jean
Great capture. Take care 6/6a

Lesa Jones
Very nice. I like the color of his coat contrasting with the more neutral surruoundings.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thanks a lot Lesa and Cynthia! With best wishes,A : )

Paul Pluskwik
Paul Pluskwik Anne, Great job on the Fox photo. I also enjoy wildlife and outdoor photography that I take in Northern Minnesota. It seems that the color of a fox varies by season or location and the type of fox. The couple of fox photos I have taken have a much different color to them. I also enjoyed your portfoio and all the skill you have in different types of photography. Your Hand craft photos are very nice and unique and creative. You do a great job making them. I enjoy woodcarving as a handcraft. Once again, great job. I Look forward to more of your work.

Anne Jouhtinen
Thank you Paul, we┬┤ll keep in touch...

Anne Jouhtinen
Taking a break Thank you for comments and ratings!

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