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Published: Saturday 11th of April 2009 08:19:59 AM


Stephen Solomon
Very different from your usual. Your portrait gallery has some great images. Tell me, is the woman lit entirely by bounced flash lighting, or is there another artificial or natural source added from below front that contributes to the even exposure? Are you using an on flash reflector to create the catch lights? The tonality is perfect! I think the tight crop works well given your model is crouched into a knot. Yet, she looks comfortable and has a curious, relaxed expression. Very pretty model

John Peri
Hy Stephen, well that's the curtains drawn behind her, so no daylight other than that filtering through. It's just a flash off camera with no reflector ..

Dan Bliss
It is a beautiful image with a wonderful, interesting pose. Nicely done. Dan

Leonardo Villalobos
7/7 great composition and pose, love it, cheers LV

Leanna Weber
I love it. That pose is great. And you know how I feel about your photography. :) Hugs

Salvador Penaloza
Beautiful shot and contrast, congrats //Salvador

Alberto Quintal
John. WOW! I love this shot, so lovely look and excellent skin tones, 10/10, original pose. Alberto

A.K. Sircar
Cool shot,John. Very good composition and tone.

Jim Phelps
John, The eyes make this image. It has a somewhat distorted look that I also find appealing. Was this taken with a shorter focal length than you normally use? Jim Phelps

Bob Kurt
7-7 very original point of view ...

John Peri
Jim, it's the same zoom lens, I just move back and forth .. but I don't have anything like the wide angle that you sometimes use ...

Mauro Peluso
great composition and pose!!!

David Noble
Great shot. Nice crop too.

S. Lee Cashman
Great image, John. Has a very subtle retro feel to it. And the model is gorgeous. Nice work.

Sonia Mason
Beauitful expression and angles. I love her body language. Very unique image. Love the close crop. Well done John!

jorge fernandez
JOHN you DID IT!!! GORGEOUS BEYOND BELIEVE!!! All is well in your world!! Warm regards.

Vladimir Funtak
I like this one a lot. Hate a chair though..Cong.

John Peri

Haha, that is a compliment, thank you. Clermson Guy is using the same technique,  look at some of his work too. It's a kamikaze way of doing things, but when it works, the result is quite suitable in my view. It has the adavantage of increasing ambiant light and often leaving natural shadows where they are, which strobes and other complcated methods will not do.

Tomek Gooseberry
bounced flash magic

John said:
It's just a flash off camera with no reflector

Your command of this technique is amazing
(half of the time I'm thinking you're pulling our legs ;)

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady ..

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