JP F717 Our way of solving problems hasn't changed very much since then ....

by Peri John

jp four way of solving problems hasnt changed very leica summicron dr mm f change peri john

Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Sunday 21st of July 2002 01:10:53 PM


John Peri
This is a pretty bad print, but it's several decades old ..... as you can see however, our way of solving problems hasn't changed much in the meantime!

Cesar Gamez
I've certainly enjoyed your kids photos(ok, ok also the lady's), probably because these kids look as best friends (a gang) that hang around in their free time wandering what to do or play on the street. In this one in particular I like how the book up side down tells me a whole story: at least the crushed boy was caught going/coming to/from school and instead of feeling sorry for him, I can almost tell that he is also cheerful, enjoying that "role" in front of your camera. On the photo aspect: I think if you cropped some of the bottom (to obtain a square format), will help bring the kids forward... Just a comment. Regards,

Modestos Modestou
Kids at play You say things haven't changed but the playful harmless expressions in those boys faces have been replaced today with dangerously mischievious and angry faces. I think you have an innocence in those faces which sadly we won't see again.

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