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Published: Saturday 20th of July 2002 11:15:06 AM


D Neal

I'm not exactly sure myself. Lets see if this works. You should just be able to click on This link and go to the picture. If not, at least I tried. :)

You just need to insert the text using a bit of HTML and the links work fine. Or you can just add a picture from the page that opens up after you confirm your comment.

Michael Castellano
This is a stunningly beautiful model, but I don't think the three photos of her posted recently quite do justice to her. I believe a closeup shot of her sitting, with knees up and bent and legs together, with the face turned left or right to expose the profile, might work better. Moodwise, I would go for something innocent and pensive looking.

John Peri
Michael, she looks perfectly innocent and pensive to me!! In fact, paradoxically, she's one of the shyest models I have ever encountered. I have said this many times before, it's not because you have a full frontal that the picture is aggressive. http://www.photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=668250 I find her very tender and sensitive looking personally. I've taken lot's of pictures of this young lady. I'll see what else I can put up, but I'm leaving on vacation very soon .... may have to leave it until later on. P.S. Does anyone know how to add a photo to this reply? I haven't managed to figure out how to do it!

D Neal
Try going here, http://www.photo.net/photo/guide-to-links-on-photonet

John Peri
Thankd DNeal, but when I leave "Plain Text" and pass to "HTML", nothing happens on my screen. I must be very stupid! When I "confirm" my comment, I just get back to this picture again.

Bruce Jones
great I love her look, her figure and the light. She has great skin tone too and you show it to good advantage. Now, as for your question: I have added photos to comments before. If they pass a certain size, they just get added as links but that's OK. What you do is write the comment, confirm it and the next page that comes up should give you a button near the bottom to add a photo. That page says "Your comment is now in the database. You return to the original page to see it in context. Alternatively, you can attach a file to your comment. This file can be a document, a photograph, or anything else on your desktop computer." Then there is a big gray "BROWSE" button. Click on it to find you file and you should be able to figure the steps from there.

John Peri
Thanks Bruce! John.

PP Harnisch
Childish Arrogance Hello John my DEAR...I agree with some of the comments made by my predecessor..NP. I used to love looking at your images however I have become increasingly peaved by your childish and arrogance remarks to someone who shares a different opinion than the one that you obviously hold so highly of yourself. It's abundantly clear that you only want your images to by put on photo.net so that others can give you a pat on the back. Yes, John, some of your images are very good. But allow me to share a little secret with you, some of them are simply terrible. In fact the only reason that you "pull them out of the hat" is that you are photographing beautiful women. But of course, you don't want to hear this do you because you've mastered all there is in photography to be perfect. Learn from peoples comments. Yes, some comments are plain stupid and made by people who arent' "knowledgeable" about art. Their comments shoud be taken...like mine...with grain of salt. The mass audience doesn't really care and really all they want to see is a good photography of a woman showing her "tits and pussy". If you had an ounce of humility you would thank those who made negative comments. You know what, they might actually teach you something. Your return comments have soured your art in the viewer/readers eyes far more than the original comment could have ever done. So John my dearest, get over yourself and stop being so damned defensive!

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