Northern Bluebird

by Clifton Katherine

northern bluebird seeking critique clifton katherine

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Published: Monday 6th of April 2009 10:47:03 AM


Lawrence Paiken
Phew...real nice shot, Kath. Awesome background and composition. Well done, again my friend. Regards, Lawrence.

Apurva Madia
Gorgeous colors, very sharp, lovely bird and nice bokeh! Compositionally, it would be a masteriece had the bird sat a little further on the branch and hence not overlaping the main trunk. Or you could have moved a little to your left. Just my opinion though!

Scott Ptbagger
your photo is very nice tho

Scott Ptbagger
lovely photo of an Eastern Bluebird

I got into a debate with my girlfriend about the name-Northern Bluebird. I know it as an Eastern Bluebird and have never heard this species refered to as an Northern Bluebird in my 32 years of birding

Katherine Clifton
Northern Bluebird thanks

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