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Published: Thursday 2nd of April 2009 10:11:34 AM


Alec Ee
Impish, nice cherubic nose to fit a beautiful face.

Maurizio Moro
Very nice portrait, my friend!...Ciaomau!

Vittorio Pellazza
The little peace of background is part of your style, magistrally cropped/framed. Very fashoning (?) expression captured (stolen?) 7/7

John Peri
Mau, Vittorio, thank you. Life is made up of the sum of little moments that are meaningful and remain ingrained in our thoughts. I try to capture some of these sometimes ..

Piet Flour
very beautyful and original portrait in a powerful and creative cropp. Great work John. ... Piet

Mark Boyer
John, this is exquisite; it really has a strong emotional feel as of one of those moments that make the memories you allude to. Beautiful and very real portrait.

Bill Symmons
Great job John. You have made an intimate portrait that, by capturing some of the environment, tells a story of the moment. My compliments, Bill

S. Lee Cashman
Great, once again. Reminds me of something Steve Diet Goedde would do. I'm confused about the lighting; my first thought was "natural light," but I think I see catchlights in the eyes. What is the truth regarding the lighting here? :-)

John Peri
Well, you are right on both counts. The window is in front of her, and a little bounce flash was added off the camera ... many thanks for passing by and for your support ..

Neil Peters
expressive eyes and lips are absolutely priceless.

John Peri
Moments ... never to be repeated or forgotten

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