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Published: Wednesday 1st of April 2009 11:11:04 AM


Raymond Elstad
Me, I love to love this... Being that there are no submissive women in my life, its quite nice to see then in fanticy... Great POV, comp, etc and marvelous tats... Complimenti!

Barbu Cristian
7/7 Excellent composition, beautiful model!

Stephen Solomon
As indicated above, ... the stairway to heaven! Another excellent angle which provides quite a different take on one of your favorite locations. The red carpet sets this young lady off very nicely. Good on you, both.

Michael S. Maddox
An arresting image, at once bold and graceful.

Michael Meneklis
Fantastic use of light and colors. Great composition. Bravo.

John Peri
Thank you all. Heaven? I'm afraid that all they find at the top of the stairs is me, a Nikon camera and a totally independent minded flash. The major problem I have with these stair shots is that the neighbours will not stay indoors, not to mention the dog that arrived from nowhere recently and started to lick my model all over. I will have to post a notice somewhere that the stairs are out of bounds twice a week from 2.00 to 4.00 PM !

Oscar Vall Gallen
6/6 anon. rate.

Oscar Vall Gallen
6/6 anon. rate.

Alon Eshel
Marvelous , Very well composed and excellent point of view

Robert Gordon
John, I love your work and the first six or eight images on this staircase were very interesting and impressive. Now it's time for a new location. Bob

John Peri
Hmm ... just the kind of photo that some will love to hate .. but who is having fun here, me or you ... :-)

John Peri
Raymond my friend, I don't think that I have ever photographed a submissive woman. The whole premise on which my work is based is to show how independent they are. I chose my models from all the walks of life, it is only the liberated ones that accept to pose. They range from medical doctors to waitresses in education, though I know at least one on my pages that has been both! .. :-) As for my private life, you are welcome to try it any time .. !

Marc Aubry
Wonderful photo!!

A.K. Sircar
John, both of us:-) Very well-composed shot with light and colours.

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful!!! Alberto

John Peri
Robert, I fully sympathize with your remark, though this one may have just a little more to offer thank some previous ones .. however, I'm grouping them together for a book, the reason why I call it ongoing series .. please bear with me and don't click on these if they bore you .. why am I doing this anyway? .. because I find it fascinating to capture how different people do things so differently when in the same situation .. I have a lot of settings which are repeated .. can we really compare the look of this young lady with any of the other ones on the staircase and say it's similar .. ?

Maurizio Moro
I love cats, so...!...Ciaomau!

Jim Phelps
John, I REALLY do not see her as submissive! I like the way the tattoos and her hair contrast with the reds. Jim Phelps

crimson black
This is my favorite. The pale skin against the tattoos. The red carpet through the overall white image is eye catching. The model is beautiful.

Javier Diaz
Hi John. I like a lot the photo. The contrast of the red carpet with her pale skin with tatoos and the angle is great. It seems to be she has beautiful eyes, perhaps you have her in some other photos?. The presence of the dog would have been interesting anyway.

Sherri Greene

The color and composition is fascinating!  I am not a fan of tatoos but what a fabulous display of the art. 

 I too, would have loved to see the dog in the photo! 


John Peri
Ongoing series .. ..

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