Chick on Bike

by Dew Tricia

chick on bike seeking critique dew tricia

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Published: Wednesday 17th of July 2002 01:55:38 PM


Tricia Dew
Let me know what you think I am working on some self-portraits.. I am a fairly eclectic person, and will try anything that sounds interesting... what do you recommend I do? what kind of poses, focal ponts, etc? I have only posted fetish stuff so far because I was just being silly that night. Please, any ideas would really help me... I have a pretty good style in just about anything, from fetish to high class. What would you like to see?

Charles Mackay
The face side needs fill. Very awkward shadows, butI've seen worse in Conde Nast rags -- good job! What next?

Carl Smith
As far as you trying different styles, I'd like to see it. I think you're on to something with this fetish work. It's definately something you could follow and probably end up with some more great work. This photo however doesn't work as well. It's just kind of bland. It looks more like girl on bike, no fetishy nature comes through to me. Also, you've got a lot of noise in it, which may just be your camera. Keep trying though, don't be discouraged and do what you want to do. Don't ask us what we'd like to see you in, or what we'd like to see you do. You'll probably get someone saying they want to see you naked, or others saying they want to see pics of you jumping out of airplanes. Follow your own passion, and then you'll find not only what you enjoy and are good at, but you'll produce better pictures that will genuinely appeal to people who like the kind of work you are shooting.

Jesse Jenkins
Aesthetics 6, Originality 5 Exposure looks a little off.

Robert Kennedy
Again, you have some great ideas here... What I think would make these photos really "pop" is if you learned to step INTO the frame. Let's look at what we have here. A woman, in latex gear on a bike from several feet away. Now, let's think here....what would make this really sexy? Being closer. Sex is about intimacy. In this picture I feel you are very distant. It's like "Look at her over there...". I think moving in closer would help. Put the viewer INTO the frame so to speak. Get close. Use unconventional angles. Zoom in a bit. One thing that I think would work would be a close up of just the leg coming down across that engine. First off, you have all that sexy chrome. Chrome always looks nice. Secondly, you have a strongly contrasting leg. One that is in a very shapely position too (legs often have to be posed just right to emphasize the calve muscles and get that sexy look). Plus you have the shinyness of that shoe which makes for a great contrast. Attached is an example of what I mean cropped from your image. Try some work like that. I think you can get some great results. You are definately thinking the right way. Keep it up!

Gaetano Catelli - New York, NY
nice stuff

Tricia Dew
Fetish Self-Portrait Ok... this is me.. this isn't even the "cleaned" up picture, but this was not a very good shot.. it was taken under just a yellow street light with no flash. I had someone else push the button on my camera and they did something wrong. If you like it, I will post more, but I need some ideas on what people want to see, as I have tons of ideas but want to know what would be preferred. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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