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Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Wednesday 25th of March 2009 11:52:07 PM


Barbu Cristian
Nice portrait, excellent tones

Janusz Taras
John, Very aesthetical in class and composition work.7/7a.

Bill Symmons
John. This is superb. The interaction with the model has produced an image that draws the viewer into the mood of the picture. Great work by both of you. The burning in of the edges has put a wonderful glow into the skin that focuses the eye. After looking hard for any improvement to suggest, I can only come up with maybe blending the light "stretch" marks just under the crease in her neck near her left shoulder, just to keep the skin smooth. My compliments, Bill

Teo Lemut
Teo Lemut Super!

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful model,lighting,pose and B&W!!! Regards. Alberto

Stephen Solomon
Very good portrait. Just enough lighting! I feel that the curve of her garment makes the picture. There are many curves, but this one makes the picture.!!!!!! She is lovely!

Jim Phelps
John, Very dramatic. I particularly like how the lighting complements the dramaic facial expression. She is timeless! Jim Phelps

Maurizio Melozzi
,,,,,, stylish, class, elegnce, erotism ......I find everything in this masterpiece !!!!

Todd Kowalski
Striking image and one that is just so, because it is B&W. Your work is always done to a magnitude of perfection. Regards, Todd

John Peri
Carlo, thank you for the poetry .. she is indeed very special .. she will come to H. in summer .. :-) For those that don't understand Spanish, Anne underlines the torsion of the neck provoked by the strain on the muscle, thank you Anne. Hm .. given the naming of the muscle in latin, we may well have a similar background .. :-)

anne knes
Hermosa John, una cara muy bella, lo unico que noto, es el cuello que al girar su cabeza, rotarla, deformo algo su cuello, si ves el musculo esternocleidomastoideo del lado derecho de la modelo, se ve, y deforma el pliege del lado izquierdo. Pero es una foto magnifica. te dejo un beso. anne...

Sweid Sideris
Languid and intimate, she creates an inviting atmosphere around herself with her marvelous youth. But the youth and its natural beauty are like a brilliant thunder, striking but painfully short. Then the artist begin his labors, capturing this brief second of life for ever. One of your best portraits, emotional, sensual and delicate.

Sweid Sideris
Wrong John, I only describe, the poetry is in the photo. BTW, regrettably not at H. this year, but a patagonic Pentax K20D will be at P. first week of june. Talking about H. perhaps you haven't seen this: http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7642226 http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7730451 http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=7657077 Just some feelings of those sunny days.

Leora Long
Dynamic Design Super lighting and low key tonal quality with window light feeling. The saucy wooly cap adds a bit of attitude in contrast with the upscale setting. This model is a keeper. Best regards, Leora

Joseph Hobbs
!!!! !!!!!!!!!

Richard Spurdens
Richard Spurdens Like the expression and lighting in this fine timeless image

John Peri
A perpetual search .. for the years 30 / 40 ...

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