Dark reflections

by Soini Hannu

dark reflections seeking critique soini hannu

Gallery: Abstracts and digital

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Abstract

Exif Information:
Orientation : 3
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000

Published: Wednesday 25th of March 2009 09:33:48 PM


Hannu Soini
thank you for commenting! and kind words.BR Hannu

Laurent-Paul Robert
Hannu This is for me one of the most impressive reflection photo I have seen for a while : they are usually so difficult to compose in a right way.

Hannu Soini
thank You for the attention...and kind words...feel free to ask if there is something you would like to know in detail:), however I think that mostly photos like this are "born" because we happen to be there at the right time - with some idea (experience of earlier experimentation) how to shoot.BR Hannu

Hannu Soini
Thank you for commenting! Thank You for your kind words. Right you are.-some 3 programs to get this "right";)..this is March blue variant and I hope to continue with the serie later on:) BR Hannu

Laurent-Paul Robert
Hannu Thank you for answering ! I am just in the middle of your "Abstracts & Digital" and the amazing thing for me when looking at the whole serie is how you are tranforming liquids into solids and solids into liquids/organic abstractions ... ( back to look at your photos now )

Tony Hadley
Love those reflections. Well done 6/6

Hannu Soini
Dark reflections Dark reflections on water patterns.C&C are wellcomed.

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