by Peri John

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Published: Saturday 21st of March 2009 07:34:29 PM


Maurizio Melozzi
...... simply great !!!!! I lik so much how you insert the body in the space. Really well done

Chris Hanessian
I hope you don't mind me being a little critical. But, I think think that her arm being in front is distracting. Also, centering her in the photograph is not appealing - the left 1/3 of image doesn't really add anything. The last four you posted were fantastic. This one is not in your normal class.

John Peri
Gerry Siegel (Honolulu) , March 21, 2009; 02:10 P.M. The environment is important. I have gained that much from your images. I tend to use backdrops because my little pied a terre is always a bleeding mess. Anyway, this is a pleasant little study that happened to pop up. So many nudes, so few on the critique forum that show a sensitivity to the form of this kind of art and I wonder why. Museums are filled with good examples. Few seek to learn. One guy said that he never saw a female buttocks that looked bad to him. Hah. Double hah. I have:-) Jim Phelps , March 21, 2009; 03:16 P.M. John, The model in this image shows more emotion than most of the others you have photographed. I like the change. I also like the way the contrasty area to her left reinforces this "moody" feel. Is the model an actress?? Jim Phelps

Bob Kurt
..very sexy!!!!

John Peri
We are all actors in life Jim ... :-)

John Peri
Hurry up Bob A. ..add a few more ! .. what a cretin !

Alon Eshel
A very well composed photo , I love the way you can see the inner and outdoor details . Marvelous , The model is a real beauty

Brad Kim
Beautiful, lovely image, John! The b&w tone is exquisite, and soft... My admiration!

Dimitris Vasiliou
John, I see your pictures in the critique forum. I have not commented on them before. On seeing this composition I feel compelled to congratulate you. Setting the model in this environment gives the picture an air of classical artistic solidness and it stops it from being a form of titillation. There is a sensitivity displayed here in a way that emotion overpowers glamour. Setting the model in the centre of the picture to my mind is the most effective and powerful third. And I am glad there is no reference to any religious artefacts on display…-:).

Taz Rahman
a very fine composition indeed. somehow, her skeletal frame adds a touch of continental stark glamour to this. i like it. she is too thin but somehow, you really highlight than thinness by confining her to the start of the door. i don't know why but when i saw this a hemmingway phrase came to mind, 'there will always be paris'.

John Peri
Chris, many thanks for your comment, I appreciate it. I often have mixed feelings about what are called rules, though I perfectly acknowledge the necessity not to create distraction. If centering a figure is so for anyone, despite it being offset by a disharmony in what lies to either side, then so be it. However as regards the background, I try to create a story line in many of my photos as opposed to attempting to simulating a studio effect. If I remove the room to the left, possibly the flower too on the other side, then what will justify the languid expression of the model and give the mystery and nostalgia present in this image?

Vittorio Pellazza
John, in this photo I appreciate the choice of background. The left part is so different from right (if you cover the model this one is more evident) and this is the moment to introduce the human subject that seems to sustain and to keep the difference. Sorry for this reading but I am a dreamer :)) Bravo John 7/7

Jim Phelps
John, Although we are all actors/actresses in life, some are much better actors/actresses than others. This young lady seems to be able to express emotions very well. My compliments to her. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Thank you friends. It was a privilege to photograph this wonderfully graceful young lady.

Carmen Palermo
I always love your works, this especially! ciao, carmen

John Peri
Thank you very much Alessio. What you are saying essentially is that sometimes the same girl photographed elsewhere doesn't look the same. Well, I guess that's the same for all of us, but we all have a contribution to make, each in his own way ... Three people have marked this photo below average, others much more generously. Of course, there is a lot of spite and prejudice on PN, as on all sites where people can remain anonymous, but I fully acknowledge that tastes vary and that there is no reason why anyone should like this or any other particular work. Quite often I am praised in fact for work I do not like and vice versa. But, I admit that I do like this touching photo, esssentially because of the wonderful attitude of the model. She really is exquisite in her beauty, grace and fragile femininity and she is responsible for 90 % of the effect. Many thanks for the loyal attention you give to my work. I really appreciate it very much. John

John Peri
Wall to wall .. ..

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