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Published: Sunday 14th of July 2002 08:11:02 PM


John Peri
Two points I have to answer here. First of all, almost all women have beauty in them Glen. Our job as photographers is to search for this and to bring it out. Secondly, yes, I have enhanced the colour of the bed cover in this photo with photoshop, though this is usually not necessary with photos taken in normal daylight. All the best, John

John Peri
Thanks Lannie, but I think that Michael is right about the hair. He's improved on that.

Detlef Klahm
relaxed pose works very well for this!

Michael Castellano
Beautiful as usual, but perhaps there's a bit too much red/yellow caste -- especially in the hair. I'd like to see more contrast and less red/yellow in the skin tones to counterpose the bed sheets. Yes, I'm picky!! But you do such great work that I hold you to a higher standard!

Michael Castellano
OK, I couldn't resist. Here's a version I played with in Photoshop.

Ferdinando Mondino
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 A wonderful image

Glenn Polin
Coloring? John, are you doing any color adjustments or hand coloring in Photoshop? The color in your this photo (the bedspread, for example) and others seems so bold and vibrant, far better than what I getting right out of the camera. Or is the color from film that much better than digital? I don't want to start the whole digital/film debate here; I just thought I might get some tips how you produce such lush looking images -- other than using incrediby beautiful woman, of course! All of your photos are a pleasure to look at -- thanks for sharing.

Nimerya Nimerya
A wonderful image

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