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Published: Wednesday 18th of March 2009 02:30:56 PM


Alberto Quintal
John Excellent and sexy, beautiful pose and composition, lovely colors and model. Regards. Alberto

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Whouaaaaa, super model, and great photo. This is a great photo, beautiful model, a perfect sensual instant, sexy dress and shoes, and a very good lighting. Best regards. Jean-Jacques.

John Peri
Maybe it's better full format, but I am a littel disturbed by the burned out areas in the window ... would appreciate your point of view, thanks.

Leonardo Villalobos
I should crop it this way, cheers LV

John Peri
Thank you Tim, admittedly I also like the full format, but I'm a bit dubious about the window effect ..

Tim Zeipekis
I prefer the larger format John, I think the allure of the red dress is enough to keep my eye from being pulled away to the window. The dark black frame of the bed is where my eye starts and then scans to the left. Beautiful Model!

Jorge Luis R. Tagle
both versions are so good how ever the first one is the best for me regards Jorge Luis

Stephen Solomon
I prefer the cropped version With regard to the full version, there is visual tension between the ornate railing on the right and the glaring, cluttered window panes on the left. Your model is centered between these two elements, and when that is combined with her angular pose, they compete with your subject. Including the windows in the image also degrades the glamor aspect of this shot. The brightness and busy-ness of the left side doesn't help the overall image. I must give credit that the window has done its job just by letting in some wonderful light and you have used it well. Keeping the composition simple gives due attention to your elegant model. After all, she is the reason for the picture in the first place.

Maurizio Moro
Also I, my friend, prefer the cropped version: is more enjoyable!...Ciaomau!

Warren Kaplan
I prefer the cropped version also. Truth be told the image and pose of this very attractive model in the red dress really keeps the attention on her and not the window in the full format version. I think if the subject matter wasn't as strong, the windows might prove a significant distraction. But not here. FWIW

Al Li
My vote is for the full frame, beautiful setting, adds a lot of context and contrast to the image. Beautifully done. Best, Alex

Jim Phelps
John, I prefer the cropped version. Both are quite good, but the cropped version focuses my eye on the model, the dress, the blanket, and the head of the bed. These elements give this image contrast (both B&W and color) that I find very pleasing. This works exceptionally well with the blond model. All elements here reinforce one another. Give my compliments to the beautiful model. Jim Phelps

John Peri
Many thanks to all. Leonardo, many thanks too. I tried this actually and began with it, and I agree absolutely composition wise, but the window area lacks definition which troubled me ...

John Peri
Why not Alessio, many thanks. However, manbe the view gives more life and soul to the picture, but it's certainly another possiblity and an interesting one, yes, thank you again.

Fabrizio R.
Hallo John, very good shot! Personally oi prefer the large version with the window burned Very beautiful and so expressive model Ciao, Fabrizio

Pierre Dumas
Both versions are really very good! Only this one is excellent, you're right about the burned out effect John! PDE

Eric Lefebvre
I prefer the "large" version because it's a delight for the neighbors and...a tonic for the troops. Greetings to the model and to the little red dress. Eric

Ilya Rashap
realy like this picture

Sweid Sideris
John, the version you've posted is the best for me, as composition mainly, more clean, remarking the clever harmony created between her lovely shapes and the black curved lines of metal. I agree with you about those burned areas of the original framing disturbing the context, here one can appreciate better the very effective combination of colors -red, black- and her delicate skin, btw, the angle of framing is perfect. She is very expressive, not only gorgeous, and her compromise with the camera is evident, a great model.

ian crawford
wonderful shot very sexy, great color, love the full screen version, windows add a new dimension to it, don't harm the shot at all in my opinion.

Philippe Carly
OMG ! I'm speechless.

John Peri
Glamour file ... ..

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