It all has to do with who gets the hat ...!

by Peri John

it all has to do with who gets the hat peri john

Gallery: Street photography ... or faces in the crowd

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Published: Saturday 13th of July 2002 05:22:07 PM


Jyri R.
VERY nice This is absolutely a "postcard" shot. Has a classic feeling to it. And by the way, thanks for rating one of my pics so high... I was surprised and flattered:) Jyri

choeN .
John, is this scene a set up (you create a game for the kids, and they play, you shoot)? Can't help but notice that they are wearing the wrong clothes for this decade...unless of course you took this picture 50 years ago.

Maggie-Anne Woodley
wow! i love this picture! it feels like i've travelled back in time. great job!

John Peri
I don't know what the answer to Michaels' question is. If we dress up a young lady in clothes from the 40s or 50s and change her hair style etc accordingly, the picture only remotely looks like what it would have done in reality in those days. And yet we had Leicas, Rolleiflexes, Hassleblads and Zeiss then, so it's not a question of lens quality or technology. I don't know if it's the quality of the image or our perception of it which changes with time - maybe it's a combination of both. Undoubtedly though, as in every area, todays' good works will be the classics of tomorrow, which no-one then will be able to reproduce.

choeN .
OK, I've just viewed the other photos in the folder. They're authentic and not recreated, I believe you.

M. Hayward
More, please.

Jean-Paul Chevalier
Time and location Refering on Michael's comment, it is a strange thing the effect old pictures have on us. Or other cultures pictures. Maybe if a took a picture from my country it would not have the same visual effect for someone living in my country as it can have for J.Peri (naming someone). We like what it is new or very old . somethig we do not see everyday. Pictures from people we dont know so we can imagine stories and caracthers. Thanks for sharing John.

John Peri
The photo was taken around 1960. That's a long time ago! I have a few more lying around, but I unfortunately lost most of them.

John Peri
You may recognize some of the kids from the picture on the lampost! I'm still looking, I know I have some more somewhere!

M. Ort
This is the kind of stuff I like! Street photography at its finest. Great spontaneous action -- and best of all -- no posing required! Kind regards, m.

Kaur Lass
Honest feeling above all... :-)

Roman Serenko

Markos George Hionos
I MISSED this one ..John Peri at his best !!..a great street photograph ..taken 40-45 years ago "how old where you 10-15? "and with a Leica..this photo remind me photos of the French master "you know who"- is this England ?....Bravo Giannis .

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