Waiting for the ship to pass

by Guy Clemson

waiting for the ship to pass seeking critique guy clemson

Gallery: Implied Nudes and the Other Kind - Archive 1

Tags: seeking critique

Category: Nude and Erotic

Exif Information:
Model : NIKON D80
Date Time Original : 2009-03-14 00:17:23
Focal Length : 36/1
Shutter Speed Value : 1/19
Exposure Time : 1/20
Aperture Value : 4.5
F Number : 4.5
Iso Speed Ratings : 160
Metering Mode : 5
Exposure Mode : 1
Focal Length In35mm Film : 54
Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 300.000000
Y Resolution : 300.000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop CS3 Windows

Published: Saturday 14th of March 2009 07:12:46 PM


Clemson Guy
How does this look? I appreciate your comments. Until you pointed out the alignment of the wall and the picture frame, I didn't notice them.

Jerry Matchett
The simplicity of the nude figure requires simplicity of setting. There is a remnant of a picture frame cluttering up the upper right corner. The vertical line between walls is not vertical. Both of these could easily be changed with retouching or recropping. Since the model is actually semi covered, the nature of the covering is important. There is a kind of lack of empathy between lace black garment. fish net hose and the softness of the rest of the image. A good technique is to ask yourself what story the picture is telling. Clearly she is looking directly at the camera and therefore she is looking directly at any viewer of the image. Those eyes are the most important element you have in the image. Try cropping to improve their position and importance. I suggest cropping just under the elbow of her folded arm and on the sides proportionately. See if that doesn't make the image stronger. As you try the crop with pieces of paper held up to your monitor, notice that centering her head is not as effective as making the left margin of the picture smaller than the right. That places her face toward the left and gives those eyes a diagonal line through space right to the viewer. I think that such a crop gives the picture a heightened sense of intimacy and suggestion. The fact that the garments no longer are seen gives the possibility of imagining they are not there at all. A good glamour image like this will work strongly on the imagination and that will make it powerful. Regards, Jerry

Alon Eshel
Beautiful photo of a sensual model , Good light work

Raymond Borg
Wonderful picture. The lighting and the black & white tones are very good. The face expression works well and the model is just beautiful. But the position of her right arm looks a bit awkward. I wouldn't cut off the palm of the hand. Regards from Malta.

John Peri
In my view, both versions work well. I like the privacy of the setting in the first shot and it is very attractive also as a portrait. The tones are good also as is the direct eye contact with the model. I don't really find anything to criticize in this image, other than the small object to the upper right which would just take a second to remove. Overall, a a very good picture in my view.

Clemson Guy
Inputs appreciated Any inputs (good or bad) would be appreciated, just trying to get better.

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