Belle Époque

by Sousa Dias Nana

belle poque kodak tcn black and white pentax smc p sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 10th of July 2002 06:25:31 PM


Robert Medina - South Jersey/Philly
Nana, Great vision. This has been done wonderfully. You are very talented.

John Peri
We have here not only a very good photographer, but a very intelligent one too. The pictures are all beautifully composed.

Babatunde Martins
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 great texture. Seams almost as though the hair is on a layer of its own

rob mccool
better than the POW- seeing your pow, i had to see your other pics. this one jumped out particularly strongly. very nice. she looks coy behind her hair.

Michelle Wolfe
Is anyone familiar with the 18th century culture of New Orleans? It was "the custom of the country..." for most men of means (rich plantation owners) to maintain a mistress that was of mixed blood. The most desireable women were either Qadroon, or Octroon (3/4 blood black or 7/8 blood black) This particular blend of heritage was thought to present the most sensual and beautiful traits possible in a woman. After seeing this series of portraits, I would have to say I understand the belief if not the practice. Stunning photographs.

Christopher G. Dunn (I don't use PS)
Good composition, good lighting and sexy! Chris...

Piotr Kowalik
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Excelent

Rim Walker
Nana, Great work. Very nice and original pose. The toning really complements the image. I love what you have done with the models hair. Keep up the good work.

Detlef Klahm
I very much like the origality of with all your work you have a good sense for composition and an artistic sense to make it yours

shawn smith
wonderful and original Just when you start to think it's impossible to be original in the realm of portraiture... along comes a photo like this. Excellent crisp focus on the strands of hair.

Bo Hammarlund
perfect !

Michael Hiltner
Portrait Nana - Absolutely stunning. As others commented it is the most highly original portrait I have seen in a very long time. Michael

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