Dr. No

by Sousa Dias Nana

dr no sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 10th of July 2002 06:20:08 PM


Elaine Roberts
I really like this one. It's been done before (hence only 6 for orginality) but you do it very well (8 aesthetics). Excellent use of a fish-eye, effective but not overdone.

choeN .
Done before, but always welcome to see an image as well done as this.

J.O. Kim
! !!

Gordon Hiebert
Done before? Are you trying to tell me that this mysterious guy walks around in cities all over the world alongside walls, just so we can photograph him walking into corners? ;-) Most of the street photography on photo.net bores me, but this one doesn't. It seems like everybody thinks randomness and meaningless are key elements in street photography, and they aren't. This photo shows neither, and so shows much more.

Robert Goldstein
First rate This is where street and fine art photography merge. Beautiful (and original) composition and superb tonality along with a strong element of mystery.

Rena Tsiflidou
I love the composition...tones are great too!!!

Tim Holte
Man oh man oh manashevitz do you have a lot of good images here on PN. I think that you should be banned and forced to go elsewhere until you are willing to submit works of lesser quality. You are making jokers like myself look bad.

Miles Morgan
First rate street photo, also fine art - I would love to have this one hanging on the wall. Beautiful textures, a lovely warm tone and a clean and uncluttered simplicity. Cartier-Bresson would be proud of you! Can we give 8's?

sd adsada
Nice shot!

Pep Mir
Una gran composiciĆ³n y ediciĆ³n Nana. Saludos.

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