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Published: Wednesday 10th of July 2002 05:20:49 PM


Loren Crannell
INCREDIBLE..AND INTENSE Her eyes have so much power. Incredible shot with perfect lighting. 10/10 and I hope this get's consideration for POW

Marc G.
FAN-TAS-TIC !!! WOW !! This is just soooooo beautiful ! Imo, one of the very best shots on this site... Elfes, what about having this as your next POW ?

Steevens Alconcel
Aesthetics 10, Originality 9 Beautiful picture, I like the sharpness of the picture, the contrast between her face and hands/background/hair.

Steve Baldwin
absolutely haunting I also feel that if the eyes were softened a bit the image would loose some of its drama and impact. Rules are fine as quidelines for delivering the expected. The strength of the gaze in this photo is unexpectedly powerful and the eyes are largely responsible for that impact. I also do not feel, as some do, that the hand is a distraction. Rather I feel that the hand and the little bit of shoulder serve to frame the face with some soft detail that does not compete for the attention but does give the eye somewhere else to explore. It inevitably returns to the eyes, though. Beautiful work!!

Eugene M
I think Jake has a point here.

Jed Goode
Beautiful shot, lovely tones. Is this rotated? I get the impression your model may have been lying down for this shot.

Jean-Sébastien Monzani
10/10 This is a great picture, my congratulations! It really deserves a 10/10! Great tones, framing and expression. My only complain would maybe be the fingers which are cropped. But it is still high quality work. Great!

choeN .
'Uh, you want me or not?' I can feel her eyes reaching out for my soul...

Anyway, how many times did you try before you finally got this? Brilliant!

*Praise Praise*

Tom Grubbe
It's nice to know the the P67 can do stunning portraits as well as landscapes. This is one of my all-time favorites of yours!

Vuk Vuksanovic
The quality of the model's skin does not hold up to the scrutiny such a close-up invites. Consequently, it is a failed shot and hardly PoW calibre--well, given the history, I suppose it actually is.

jake richardson
girly pix formula get a young, pretty female. have her stare into the camera with her head slightly down in a mild gesture of submission. then sit back and wait for high ratings and praise on photo.net. what is the gender ratio of photo.net members? is about 9:1 males to females? males invariably respond with excitement to a pretty female face....in humans and in other primates. eye size, facial symmetry, lip size, nose size.....all characteristics that can either solo or in combination produce a mating response. when i saw the POW there was another girly pic in the CRITIQUE frame. what is up with the preponderance of girly pics on photo.net these days? is it just males being males? it seems too predictable and sad if so. i find the comments about the 'power' of the eyes to be interesting. the pic represents a sexual fantasy....to have a YOUNG, pretty, exotic woman show sexual interest. i'm getting tired of all the girly pics on photo.net. perhaps the elves will delete my entry, but i think the gender ratio, and aesthetic of a largely male community is a relevant consideration, contemporarily, and historically. i wonder what percentage of all male-rendered images have as their subject an 'exciting' female and what that percentage means about the male mind.

Anders Karlsson
Incredible photo! Those eyes hypnotizes you... 10/10!

Erin "Grasshopper" Rice
Aesthetics 7, Originality 9 It seems to be to dark. I think a little more light would've been good.... What do the more experienced on this site think? Overall, I do like it.

Carlos Molina
fantastic ! one of the more powerful glaces i've ever seen in portrait photo, also lighting and composition are excellent... 10

Dario Alejandro Guzik
I like the way you captured the strength of that gaze!! Great

Sean Noonan
Almost... Her hand is distracting here. It is too close to the lens and appears very large in proportion to her face. This might have been better if her chin was ever so slightly higher, making a more pleasant angle of view with her eyes. Lighting is great and makeup is beautiful.

thomas breazeale
Haunting eyes?...enchanting eyes?Great image!

John Peri
Absolutely wonderful portrait, well done. I can only give you 10/10.

Elaine Roberts
Not to be an echo, but this really is wonderful. One of the best portraits I've seen here in a while. 2 recommendations: 1 - I don't think the "film edges" on left and right add anything and they seem to be more of a distraction than an addition, and 2 - I'm a bit unsure abou the light spot on the lower right. You shouldn't burn it away completely , but a slight darkening might be in order. Of course, it would be better to see all of her pinky finger but there's not much to be done about that now i suppose. Still an 8-9 in my book (which i rarely give out.)

Mario Januario
excelente. Afinal o que e nacional e bom.

John Orr
My favorite shot on photo.net 10's

Mary Ball
Eyes Haunting expression. I find her expression able to take on different meanings depending on how I choose to interpret. Exposure and lighting help to create a mood and enhance the eyes and skin texture.

Initially I found the whites of the eyes to be disconcerting and almost goulish....but I changed my mind after enlarging the image. Additionally, I found myself distracted by minor but annoying hair in the eyeball of the right side and a cross hair under her eye. I played with it and do like the image better after just a tiny bit of cleaning up of those two elements.

Critter ...
This is absolutely gorgeous. Arresting eyes, heightened by the contrast. Mesmerising hair wisps, elegant accented lip shine and the shadowy pull of strongly framed and shadowed hands. Great, bold image. well done.

Graham Byrnes
Great capture of an enigmatic expression: La Gioconda in B&W. I think the bit of light on the shoulder works well to balance the darkness of the top-left corner. I can see the need for the black frame on the rhs, the need to balance it on the left and no real need at top & bottom, so I guess the 2-sided frame works ok. Oh and in case I didn't make it clear, I think it's really, really good :-) G

Anders Sandvall
Eyes This totaly roules.What a picture.

Alan Chan
Arresting image I would like to add a few cents. The image certainly arrested my eye. Posed I suppose but the effect is stunning. Congratulation ! Alan

Bernhard Mayr
XY and XX that's what's this is all about.

Eve Girard
10x10 Perfection cannot be improved upon.

jules cisek
the eyes have it beautiful, intriguing, sensual image

Ayos Kah
Very Nice! Nice, but... too much white in the eyes. There are certain rules and parameters that a portraitist follows both in painting and in photography (unless it is a human interest shot and not a portrait); or at least try not to break too much, like not having too much of the white in the subject's eyes show too much; which is very obvious in this case. I believe that this portrait would improve greatly if the camera would have been positioned a tad lower, and the white in the eyes darkened a little (as per attached image). You will notice how the eyes are much softer and appealing now that it shows less white and the whites a little darkened.

Landrum Kelly
Don't shoot until you can see the whites of their eyes. The power of the eyes is in the contrast. I would leave them alone. They are great as they are. If one is going to photograph dark-skinned women, then one has to learn to appreciate the contrast between eyes and skin.

Sandy Ramirez
10/10 Pure 100% smoldering sexuality in this. Very well done and deserving of POW honors. The model's pose is so Femme Fatale from some great Film Noir.

Dave Edgerton
I have followed your work on photoblink.com and again, another fantastic photograph. Congratulations to a skilled photographer

Charles Shupe
Aesthetics 10, Originality 7 The eyes make the image. If they are softer, adhering to all of someone's rules, then it would be someone else's image. IMO, this image is far more sensual than most of the silly nudes I see posted on this site.

Ken Thalheimer
10/8 Very compelling, The eyes and mouth are excellent as is the pose

Dougity B
Aesthetics 10, Originality 9 My wife looks at me like this on pay day. This photo makes sense when rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise, too.

Stik K
Incredible That is an incredible expression, and an incredible capture. The eyes, texture, lights, angle, composition ... wow.

Babatunde Martins
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 Very very nice. I like this alot. My favorite kind of photo. Very pleasing to my eyes. Great work.!

Raymond Lei
I tend to keep some grains of doubt as for claims to enigmatic, intriguing or the like for a phenomenon generated under controlled condition, in this case, a studio. One characteristic of controlled conditions is that one's supposed to be able to recreate the phenomenon and study it for as long as one likes given the invariants relevant to it. This in turn gives rise to the question what elements in this particular studio actually triggered the elusive response of the subject, if that response is any elusive at all? It might be hard-to-define at first glance, but what could happen soon afterwards? Is the subject's stare implicating certain exceptional circumstance or emotion, or simply a blank stare whose intriguing quality is result of some viewers' day dreaming? I make assumption this shot is taken in studio because other portaits in the same folder look like so. If not, the above argument of course can be easily turned around.

Avisheh Mohsenin
Incredible. Your best shot in the folders. Very nice.

Michelle Wolfe
Aesthetics 10, Originality 9 Exceptional portrait. Very provocative with a striking physicality, and an almost palpable carnality!

Nousheen H
very nice shot...love how you captured her!!

hari sundaram
compelling! an excellent shot; love the lighting..

Bodenner Black & White Photography

Lucas Steuber
Beautiful job - great image!

luca nagel
very nice!

Yuri Bonder
WOW 10-10!!!!! WOW EXCELENT SHOT !!!!!!!!!!!

Tito Carlos Maria Sobrinho
Parabens. Lindissima. Complementou a vitoria da Copa do Mundo.

Jimmy Le Mont
Beautiful The lighting is just perfect. The pose is exceptional. Very well done.

Lou Verruto
Nothing more to add.......perfect.

Alan Cuellar
mesmerizer !!!!!

Jeremy McDavid
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 Beautiful picture.

Ivan Verschoote
Sensual Very close to perfection - one of the most sensual pics you can take without being obsessive.

Raul Costa
Eyes One of the most beautiful and impressive photos I've seen. It has both the power and the sweetness. Nothing left to say...

William Kelley
Stunning Stunning lighting, contrast & composition. Its the whiteness of the eyes that draws you in. To darken them would lessen the impact of the shot

Jim Vanson
Great shot...good print!

Michel Girerd
Great Portrait! Ecellent composition and great tones!

Piotr Kowalik
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 Very, Very good

Manuel Rincon
lips I like the lips, somehow I believe they are protagonist.!!??

Thomas Andrew Hall
Amazing One of my favorites on the site.

Charl Zacharyahs Mellin
Concentration!!! Intense!!! Thank you - this is engraving expericence - and in black and white! Intense! Just love this photograph - you are great! Carl Mellin

Brad Kim
I am coming back to this image again and again, Nana...... It is so powerful!!! ... and your images inspire me so much !!!

Blind Photographer
Very Good!

Arthur Henn
Very nice work! (Your whole folder is great!) keep shooting.

Florin Cnejevici
Splendid work!

Ivan Sims
She Caught My Eyes This image is strong, very strong/great job

Duane Edmonds
The eyes are amazing! Exposure, composition, everything is just perfect!

whoa! look at all the ratings! but and then again, LOOK AT THE PICTURE! STUNNING!

Lou Verruto

James Boyer
Add a comment to Eyes Words can't describe this photo.... You are very talented...keep up the good work!

David Sumner
I love this picture! This has got to be one of my top 3 favorite pics on photo net. The way the eyes draw you in....it just speaks to me. Fabulous work!

Michael Hiltner

Zacarias Mata
Já tive oportunidade de comentar esta foto noutros lados... Uma grande foto, das poucos a que, em conciência, poderei dar o 7-7... (se calhar há mais uma ou outra no teu portfólio igualmente merecedora). Great PHOTOGRAPHY. Regards.

Christian Wallace

Wes Grahman

Aldo Ellul
I really enjoyed your portfolio, but without any doubt this one is the one that impressed me most. Well done, excellent work !

Nothing could I say.

Paolo Rella

Chong Shi Hou
wow ... great shot, good lighting ... superb

Lilly Brand
This is a very very nice woman and a good photo.Regards Lilly

maja nielsen
Amazing Amazing picture, beautiful captured, nice and sharp and what a strong and sort of scary yet beautiful eyes.

Stefan Rohner

nuno milheiro

Imanol Gabilondo.
Gran definicion de la palabra BELLEZA. !FANTASTIC! Dont change. 7 / 7 All portfolio.

francesco micarelli
Oh man, 10+ I didn't realize suddenly the hand on the left, this is in my top ten. Congratulations, really

Rachael Jane
How DO you Do it? Simply amazing!

Helmut Schadt
great and wonderful!!!

Paul Muresan
A very impressive portrait. Her look is just great.

Patrick (Washington, DC)
very powerful, brutal sharpness of the eyes. wonderful!

Andrei Bisceanu
great picture If you stare too much at this picture you might find out that a week has passed by. This picture can make you forget all your sorrows all your pains and just be in another world.

Jose Manuel Cruz

Caro Nanã

Não sabia que também andavas por estas bandas, provavelmente já aqui vens pouco. mas não interessa.

O importante são as fotos, e eu, num dos teus WS, tive o privilégio de ver o original desta foto.

Não me vou derreter em elogios, é simplesmente fantástica, como atesta o longo rol de comentários que ela cativou.

P.S. Se não tens praticado o photo.net. volta, porque gostaria de ir vendo as tuas novidades.



José Cruz



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