Cabo Raso

by Sousa Dias Nana

cabo raso pentax smc mm x cascais ilford fp sousa dias nana

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Published: Wednesday 10th of July 2002 04:37:05 PM


Michael Schweiger
Brilliant textures in a moody landscape make this an all round excellent photo. Well done.

Charles Cabaniss
10/10 Love it! Hauntingly beautiful.

Dougity B
The lighting is dull in a qualitative sense, but the effect on the subject is to reveal 10,000 different grays. Spagtacular.

Enrico Pocopagni
comment to Cabo Raso I've enjoied all of your B&W lansdscapes, but I think that the special fascination of this one comes from the coexistence of all the visual scales as metaphores of spiritual states: the clever detail of the foremost plan and the vast breathe of the far horizon, the steadiness and the change, sharp shapes and vanishing ones. IMO it's the best of the set and an absolute compositional and emotional reference.

Morey Kitzman
I like the shot very much. Although, I do not think the foreground rocks add much to the composition..seems to push you back to far from the more interesting part of the scene.

John Peri
Beautifully mysterious landscape.

Dave Holland
Through the years I have come to realize that using a wide angle lens for landscapes requires skill and planning. You could use this as an example of how that kind of effort pays off. Interesting foreground, mystical spray, dramatic cloudscape.

Dejan Tesic
Great Makes me want to visit Cabo Raso :)

Mike Klemmer
This is an excellent wide-angle shot with great tonality and composition. The foreground beach rocks, ocean mist, and rock outcroppings all make this a very interesting image.

Timothy Hawkes
I like this photo a lot. I think the round cobbles in the foreground contrast nicely with the rough rocks to the sides and rear and add depth to the photo. I assume, with the long exposure, that it isn't "mist" in the background, but spray and the movement of the waves?

George Kuldhardhis
Wow. Eye poping foto. Great one. I would want to see this in color. (just to see how it looks)

Hasan Ghodrati
Wonderful! Thank you so much for sharing, great picture! Hasan

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Really metaphysical slash mythological sea and land 'scape. Caught my eye. Land and sea blend curiously with horizon dissolving in mist. Tortured rocks, brooding sky. (Great creepy setting for a gothic murder mystery.)Attractive work and worth savoring,i,e. I like it. Great ad for B and W too. Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

Peter Saucerman
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 Great composition! I'm partial to a B&W photographer using a boat-anchor Pentax - great, if heavy, camera.

Marc G.
Very good, but could have been really excellent... I feel that this image is a bit too symetrical, and as such, would get a bit boring on a wall after some time... at least for me.

I have a problem with the fact that one of the far rocks ends up exactly in the center. It happens to be very dark and surrounded by very bright waters, and therefore, this high contrast attracts even more attention.

Basically, there's imo too much focus on this rock.

Imo again, the stones in front - center - are too bright compared to the rocks front left, and I feel quite an artificial burning there...

Solution could be:

1) to simply crop off the right side of the frame, where the rock isn't fascinating anyway, and to keep a perfect square - the left side of the image.

2) then to burn in the stones a little in front.

Then, I'd probably hang the result at home with greater pleasure. Regards.

John Treat
Wow Speechless.

Francis Koo
Good composition and tonality I totally disagree with Mac Gouguenheim.

Vahe Peroomian
Excellent Detail The contrast between the detail in the foreground rocks and the water is excellent. I don't feel at all that the photo is symmetric. The only area that lacks interest for me is the small pool of water in the near foreground... if only it had clouds reflected in it...

D Poinsett
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 You have the best monotone work on this site. Your work is extraordinary and inspiring. Thank you thank you thank you.

Jeff Alu
Wow Really great!

Scott Bulger
Beautiful, beautiful image.

Carl Williams
Wonderful image, wonderful folder.

Bob Douglas
If you're in Colorado My eye was caught by the portrait of Sandy #3. But I see you are also a really good landscape photographer. My two favorite forms of photography. If you are ever in CO and want to shoot let me know.

Erwin Friesenbichler
expressive, dramatic.....I only can say 7/7 !

Bo Hammarlund
what more can I say ? A perfect picture!

Zita Keresztessy
great! it's one of the greatest bw photos here. I love everything in it, rocks, little pond, clouds... congrats and thanks for show it :)

Richard van Hoesel
I love this one Nana; IMO a perfect capture of a perfect scene!

Michael Nigro
delightful image and portfolio. keep up the good work.

Michael Hiltner
sheer magic

sd adsada
Very nice shot!

George Koutsilieris
GREAT SHOT.Best regards.

Francisco Ribeiro do Vale
Linda Foto Nana, parabens por mais essa maravilhosa foto. Uma perspectiva muito boa e tambem a luminosidade. Great shot. Formulo votos de muito sucesso em 2008. Abrazo, Chico do Vale.

Eric Tham
Superb!! The clouds and fog are so dramatic! Picture is well framed! Awesome!

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