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untitled nude seeking critique peri john

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Published: Monday 9th of March 2009 11:06:38 PM


Chet King
Reminds me of the old "OUI" mens mag. Do like the inclusion of the umbrella, (bumbershoot).

Jim Phelps
John, This is very good, but IMHO the first two B&W images are much better. The lines in the first images are cleaner and more distinct. Here the black dress blends in too much to the background. From a purely aristic point of view, the form in the first two images strongly reinforces the narrative. In this triptych, this is only moderately true. All are good, and definitely erotic, but the first two are works of art. Jim Phelps

Art Xanthopoulos
I think the innuendo presented here is well shaded with your technical know how (both in composition and photographic skill). I see nothing here that would depict pornography (in a heathenistic sense, although I'm not prejudice against any form of pornography including heathenistic) but I do see a sensual depiction of female interaction ( I hold back from suggesting this is erotic due to lighting). A fine image from my point of view

Robert Gordon
Nice umbrella.

Afshin Azizi
Greatly done work , John.Well arranged & Directed.The umbrella is a perfect idea here.;)

Attila -h
To Jody: First of all a comment: I generally don't like criticizing photos, especially did not like it from people without any photos on photo.net at the time when I had more than a hundred of my own displayed on this site and finally please consider my comments more like how much I like John's photos rather than how much I don't yours. Anyway, I think this photo depicts a girl-girl siuation in a near perfectly organised, life-like way and there's more erotic suggestive feeling in this photo than in most of your photos added up in total. I think John delivers on what he set out to do in the usual, high level of professionalism and he deservs all the attention and good comments he is getting.

Jody Frost
Mmmm....nice try... Hello Johnny boy! It's been awhile since I checked out what you've been up to. I love the concept and salute you for sharing your experiment. Here's what would make this a more compelling set of images for me: A more dramatic or moody lighting set up and a tighter shot, maybe cropped at their thighs? Sometimes a contrived set-up (girls in sexy undies under coat and umbrella doing each other) can work and sometimes it just looks, well, contrived and banal (not that anything about you my photo friend is banal!). On a personal level, I love a really well done girl-girl scene, one that convinces me they are into it! I'm not convinced here dear... I say try it again but go for something deeper, 'Un-hook' in your mind from the obvious. Maybe working with 2 honestly bi or gay women would reveal something more authentically erotic....? Jody (this is good for me to consider as i too have been doing a little experimenting lately with this theme.. it's not easy to capture an erotic or sensual moment between 2 women ( or 2 people of any persuasion for that matter) ! ;-0

Maurizio Moro
Very hard&very elegant! When one has art in his own hands all is possible!..Ciaomau!

Afshin Azizi
John What you opinion about this edition ?

John Peri
ha, the British understatement Raymond .. well, I could have called it seduction ... the umbrella? .. she just arrived indoors from the exterior ... the other missed her, that's the story line .. ;-)

Raymond Elstad
Perhaps I was wrong, perhaps this is more erotic... The umbrella is curious, it's almost as if she is willing to receive but remain detached... Seems somehow Victorian in feel... Downright British, I Say... -r-

John Peri
Well Jody, we seem to have two opposing views above, which is always a good thing ..however maybe it's all about the difference between chic porn and porn .. where to draw the line on a public photo site accessible to all.

Tanya Truong
Could be .... "chic porn"....well...that is not for me to judge because i do not know much about this arena. I like the fact that they enjoy and savor each other as lovers always do. Very healthy attitude. Fun shots, John.

Janusz Taras
Excellent composition.7/7anon.Regards.Janusz.

John Peri
Thanks ... it's a little more red, but I don't really see much difference otherwise .

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John - Well Done ! Nice shoot's, excellent compositions, 100% sensual and sexy. Best regards - Jean-Jacques.

John Peri
I would categorize the above as "chic porn". It is not a rare indulgence for me, it is the only one and I do not plan to pursue this subject any further, at least not for the moment, even though it remains in the area of suggestion and nothing more. I was curious along with my models to see if we could pull it off and do something erotic and yet remain within the norms of acceptability. Taste of course is relative and I fully sympathasize with anyone that may disagree, though it would be pleasing to imagine living in a world in which our social prejudices did not influence our perception based on the stigmatization of the content. Some of Picasso's or Dali's later works of phalluses, flushed vulvas and coitus make the above look trivial, the comparison being of course in content alone, the very notion of it being otherwise being absurd. Unlike the previous two posts, I'll switch on the rating sytem to let people express their feelings ... let them flow .. :-) I do not plan to continue in this line nor that of my previous two posts, and I will probably decide to remove these anyway. In the meantime, it is an opportunity for us as artists to express ourselves. Drat it, I mispelled "coyright"' and I'm too lazy to go back and correct it !

Alberto Quintal
John. Fantastic!!! Alberto

Stephen Solomon
Suggestive ... to say the least. The models have acted out the scenario quite convincingly. I applaud your collective curiosity and willingness in undertaking this genre and feel that you have portrayed the attraction and sensuality perfectly. Body language, closed eyes, pose and location convey that this encounter is very intimate, spontaneous and perhaps, very welcome. When one compares this imagery with your other work, it communicates a different set of ideas. Though this image contains two partially clothed young women instead of the typical one, there's not much difference between the photographs other than these two are involved in the action of expressing affection toward each other. With an individual model, she is relating to herself, her environment or the photographer, and with the two in this image (and in the two B & W images), they are involved with one another and the photographer is just an observer, a recorder of the encounter. The image itself is nicely lit with good exposure all around. I like the melancholy colors, the wardrobe and subtlety of the atmosphere. You obviously enabled the models to feel very comfortable and uninhibited in order to pull this off so well. Your subjects are depicted with beauty and sophistication. It is very tastefully done. Tres bon! One thing I am left to suspect is, once this encounter has taken place, the chances are greater that it could be repeated!

Raymond Borg
Hi John, I consider this as a great image that tells a story. It might be a sensual shot but there's nothing wrong with that. I admire your courage to post this type of work here as this might be controversial for some cultures and is subject to hard critique. My only observation to this photo is that I don’t agree with the way you cropped out the feet. I would prefer to go closer and crop from slightly above the knees. This is only my opinion and I might be wrong. Overall it’s an out-standing image. Congrats.

Martha Cabey
Very well executed.

Stephen Solomon
Yeah, how about those photographers who try to spoil the visibility of other photographers. Let alone the photographers who claim to know what is current and what is catching within the realm of photographic expertise. This is serious! OMG, I just noticed that one woman has her hands down in the other woman's panties and appears to be groping for IT! The only catch is that the hand has not advanced any deeper from frame one to frame three. It has stayed in the same position from beginning to end. It is all an ACT!!!!!! Do you get it now???

Alessandro Della Casa
#1 I would like to dedicate this great picture to those guys that deliberately try to spoil the visibility of my pictures here on photo.net Keep the good job up John! Greetings from Italy Alessandro

Rudolf Kartelin
Picture good. You can make more openly and vehemently. The great masters of painting work done on this topic (Agostino Karrachi, Franz Bayros, Jacopo de Barbara, Lautrec, and many others). Keep experimenting. Not justified. You are a great artist and should do the direction. Sincerely, Rudolph Kartelin. Sorry for bad English

John Peri
Raymond and the others, thank you very much. Yes, I posted this wondering what the reaction will be .. I received surprisingly few of the nominal 3's .. but I think those come from the people that leave them anyway, irrespective of the content of this image .. it's the same person/s usually .. :-).. Amazingly, the largest fraction of 7's is also anonymous! I do agree of course with the cropping, but the pasage where this was taken is very narrow and I coudln't step back any further .. maybe I should have just cropped further up as you suggest ... Thank you all for your support, I appreciate it. From time to time I post something a little more controversial, but it remains a small fraction of my work which is largely developed to glamour and hopefully elegant nudes.

Alon Eshel
The all set , posing , expressions , clothing and sequence create a sensual story

John Peri
After the dinner ... I removed the explanation and have now added it as a comment below the picture. It was too long and monopolized the "critique" page, sorry ..

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