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Published: Sunday 8th of March 2009 05:03:56 PM


Raymond Borg
As always, a very good image. Very sensual and superb composition. Well done.

Alberto Quintal
John Fantastic, again, excellent tones, girls, lighting. Everything works fine!!! Alberto

Bob Kurt
Next! :)

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Nice shoot again, I like the two nice models, a sexy intant, this shoot is more suggestive very sensual more than the first shoot. As always of very beautiful photos glamour and sexy, never crude. Thanks, your photos is a real pleasure for the eyes. Best regards - Jean-Jacques.

Alon Eshel
One of your most sensual scenes , Looks so natural and real

Umair Ghani
sensual!!!! and beautifully composed! regards!

John Peri
Mark, I very much appreciate the attention you have given to these two images, it's what I post my work for here on PN. I am always delighted furthermore when one gives me a perspective which is not my own, as it allows me to widen my perception and better understanbd how others see the work.. That however does not distract me from expressing my point of view and explaining my rational. I do not think that you have read any of my response to your previous comment, because you largely repeat the same things again. I maintain first of all that there are no rules in photography for composition or otherwise. If you want the relative quote by Ansel Adams, one of the undisputed masters of photographic art, read through the previous page. More importantly, since I must respond to the comment again, I am not out to "simplify" as you suggest by emulating some kind of studio effect. If girls ever get together to do this kind of thing, they don't do it, "new quote by Helmut Newton", against a white panel background! Nor do they study the position of one limb or another before the embrace. I am not making marble sculptures, I am recording events as they occur. Nor do I indulge in textbook photography, however much I respect some of the amazing works produced by others that do. They kissed, I took the pictures, the window, the furniture and all the other props, whether slaniting or not, have their role to play in this image. You don't like it, no problem whatsoever, and I really appreciate you saying so. On reading through this page some evidently do, others will not. That's a perfectly healthy reaction from my point of view. Now, if I do this again as you suggest, I will once again attempt to reproduce the natural condtions that you see above and I will not change the lighting for something more invasive. I can only imagine them with diificulty (and they too) doing anything similar with studio lights shining down on them from either side. No, I will leave them alone for while, as I did above, and then quietly and discreetly return to take my shots. I guess the results will be quite similar, this after all is what I am after. Again, some may like it others not. In either case, I remain delighted to read why on these pages.

Raymond Elstad
Doesn't get any more Erotic than this John... Well done indeed!

Afshin Azizi
Very beautiful and great scene.Very Sensual . Cheers

Jim Phelps
John, Incredibly sensual, especially in B&W! Kudos to all three of you. Jim Phelps

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Just had an amusing after take on this setting. I can hear my mother saying " Cut it out girls, I just polished that glass table top!" Ok, not so witty. But hey it adds another element of asynchrony with the times....we don't get sex on a glass table is what I mean. An incongruity that in this case is most fetching artistically with the rflections and inherent danger and impulsiveness suggested by this embrace..

Gerry Siegel Honolulu
Hi John, I am likely not even barely qualified to comment on same sex eroticism having only a juvenile curiosity about it- yeah it was the most forbidden thing in my New England childhood and things have changed much. Yet as an image stand alone and freeing my mind, what I find very appealing are the long sheer black stockings. They are reminiscent of an earlier,much earlier time when the erotic postcard used them to great effect. I could be wrong, but women have stopped wearing stockings and pantyhose or else they are invisible. Look at some Vargas and Petty girl pinups and the seamed nylon stockings were in themselves a kind of natural fetish. I like the real surroundings, because I find them interesting. the apartment has that Left Bank feel to it. No casement windows. The pose like all your work is faultless. My compliments once more. Each to his own taste, but the execution shows style...a lot of words, too many I guess. But hey I am a wordy bird..gs

John Peri
Many thanks Gerry .. the thirties post card style is very much what I had in mind ... what I think is "in" are the stay up stockings which is a shame actaully, because the garters used to be very feminine and atractive, as were also incidentally the silk floppy bloomers that my grandmother used to wear ... : -) As for the old wooden windows, I don't want to drum in the point, but of course they are part of the setting, it would be totally asceptic with a blank wall ..

Geoff Powers


I am convinced that you are incapable of making a bad image.  There's no editorializing going on here. No manipulation. Just the capture of a beautiful moment.  Unvarnished.  Un-corrected.  Another home run. Congrats!

John Peri
The kiss 2 .. ..

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