by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Glamour Photography 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Orientation : 1
X Resolution : 72.0000000
Y Resolution : 72.0000000
Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Friday 6th of March 2009 09:45:27 AM


Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Perfect photo, very nice model, much cute and charm, perfect and beautiful body. Nice shoot, sexy and glamour. Best regards - Jean-Jacques.

Bob Kurt

William Hood
Fabulous image! The model is beautiful and her pose says "I'm all yours!". Ah... if only that were true! ;o) I also like the juxtaposition with the Rubenesque figure in the painting. (BTW, I believe you've got a typo in your signature)

Don McCrae
Love... the photo - but hate the large copyright notice! In any event isn't there an "r" missing from your surname?! Cheers, Don

John Peri
Thank you friends ... yes, the copyright statement is a nuisance, but I am fed up with finding my work all over the net. At least this way they often have my name on them. The other solution is to make the images really small, like I used to (see further back in my file), but that is even more unpleasant .. at least you get to see the work. Yes, I mispelt my name on this one. I replaced it almost immediately, but it appears that the file swapping programme is not functioning on PN for quite a while now. Yes, some models are attractive. It may hopefully have something to do also with the way they are photographed .. :-) .. but there are beautiful young ladies everywhere one looks. I travel all over and it's the same world wide. The onlty thing I do which many others don't is to ask them to pose for me .. I think my timidity may help. The sofa, yes, it's like having a labrador, all the girls want to see it .. :-)

Paul Casagrande
Bello scatto ! bella modella,bello il contrasto del quadro rinasimentale sullo sfondo !

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent, the model, the colors,the lighting, I love it. Alberto

Raymond Borg
Another superb image John. I really love your work. Well done.

Kombizz Kashani

David Noble
Hello JP. I agree with the comment concerning your copyright statement. It could be a bit smaller, and therefore not so off-putting. Otherwise, this is another superb Peri offering. Where in the name of God do you find all these lovely models? By the way, John, your sofa is becoming a bit of a celebrity in these parts... It must be the most photographed piece of furniture in history!!! Keep up the good work. Regards, Dave.

Stephen Solomon
I admire your achievements in this genre of photography. You have a unique talent and certainly have produced an impressive body of work full of exceptional images. Any one of the women that you have had before your lens should be very proud of the results. It is no wonder they just seem to line up and await their turn. It is truly a gift.

Phillip Marco Vallentin
Hot and perfect ! She is SO hot, and your capture is just perfect ! Yummy ;-) Marco/

John Peri
Untitled .. glamour file

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