NUDE. Legs #05

by Amelkovich Igor

nude legs seeking critique amelkovich igor

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Category: Nude and Erotic

Published: Tuesday 9th of July 2002 03:47:48 AM


Igor Amelkovich
Thanx. Thank for viewing and comments.

Mark Anderson
Aesthetics 6, Originality 6 Classic and done well. Only suggestion would be to move the model a little further from the backdrop so that it a little more out of focus. Just my opinion...

Jay Dixon
Almost Extremely beautiful, background distraction only weakness....J.

Gaetano Catelli - New York, NY
very tasty

Kristupa Saragih
Very good BW nude pic

Keith Lommel
Great pose. I like the effect you achieve here with these disembodied legs. At first glance it almost looks like some sort of still life, of a vase or something of the sort. Well done!

Jim Vanson
Very well done shot and great print.

artistic nudes
perfect, great shot. the lines are great, going from her bottom, up her legs to her feet. it is a perfect triangle. it almost feels like you are looking at a mechanical drawing. don't change a thing.

Carlos Santos

Kartik Pashupati
Very nice and aesthetic. Keep up the tasteful work.

Giuseppe Circhetta
Aestetically great! ;-)

Kombizz Kashani
nice form & shape

Igor Amelkovich
Tell a pair of words. I shall be glad to hear your impressions.

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