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Gallery: The other side of the street ....

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Published: Monday 2nd of March 2009 09:47:52 PM


Antonio F
MAESTRO You are my myth, I want to copy your idea Great shoot MAESTRO Antonio

Craig Jenkins
What is it? What is that trike-thing in the background?

John Peri
The friend of a friend ...we met today and went for a walk ...

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful, lovely new model. Alberto

Marc Aubry
Great and very funny!

Eliseo Cabrera
Very nice! Unique.

David Noble
BRRR... She must have been cold, JP. I wish I had the nuts to go out with a model and do some street nudes. It's a great picture.

Kombizz Kashani
beautiful walking

John Peri
MM ...nothing even remotely original or artistic in this shot .. just having fun, we both were in fact. Have a few more I'll just add to my file ... thanks for passing by, the others too.

gary minor
Very nice - fun!!

Janusz Taras
John, Excellent composition.7/7anon.Regards.Janusz.

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Hello Nice shoot, beautiful model, funny and sexy instant. I am sure it is a pleasant walk a slightly piquant.... A soon for other new wonderful photos. Best regards. Jean-Jacques.

. John nothing special this time Im afraid, however keep up the good work, ur fan.

Stephen Solomon
Yowzaa Eyes Seems as if even the "trike"? has taken notice of the display by the passerby. Check out those headlights. Much more interesting than staring at cement! John, and the model, are quite the dare devil team! What street is this?

Maurizio Moro
Lovely and transgressive , like usual!...Ciaomau!

Stephen Solomon
Grinning from ear-to-ear is more like it. If I ever visit Paris,...both my sisters have, with nothing but compliments to share, ...I shall be on the look out for these nymphs of the metropolis and their accomplice. Surprises happen in the most unusual of places!

John Peri
Yes, the trike as you call it seems to be smiling! It's central Paris, below my apartment building.

John Peri
The sun shined today .. we went out for a stroll and took a couple of pictures :-)

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