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Published: Saturday 28th of February 2009 05:08:00 PM


John Peri
John Peri , February 28, 2009; 06:40 A.M. Backstage File: .. a little walk on Sunday morning before our photos ... little moments shared of curiosity and anticipation Jim Phelps , February 28, 2009; 07:48 A.M. John, Posed or not, this is an excellent candid portrait. Jim Phelps Frank Kinser , February 28, 2009; 08:18 A.M. A different side... John, you certainly have developed a reputation as a passionate, thoughtful, caring photographer of the object of man's desire. I was taken by your image of this woman sharing a candid moment with you before your intimate photography session with her. I particularly like it because it shows the side of her we don't usually see in your work -- we usually see the intimate image first. She is a beautiful young woman, and of course my mind raced to a mental image of her in an intimate photograph -- a natural male tendency. However, that made me think that this is something you may want to explore in some of your work. Show the woman as we normally see her, and then share with us the progression from your first encounters to the moments of intimacy these women eventually share with us. I think that it would show us an even more feminine, elusive, alluring side of the woman. As always, keep up the great work and continue to explore the meaning of passion and desire. John Peri , February 28, 2009; 09:13 A.M. Thank you Frank, that is a very interesting comment. Indeed, the purpose of this backstage file is to show what goes on behind the scenes. As a photographer, I enjoy capturing some of these meaningful moment. I will inist however on the fact that both the models and the situations they represent, are meant to be interchangeable. If I were to start by showing any particular model on arrival, and then moved on to something more personal, it would constitute a kind of "strip tease" which is not my intention. Given how perceptive and considerate you are in your remarks particularly regarding the models and by extension their integrity, I hope you understand my point of view. Alberto Quintal , February 28, 2009; 09:28 A.M. John Beautiful!!! Alberto Todd Kowalski , February 28, 2009; 10:10 A.M. Very candid and very nice. I like this sort of shot the best. Regards, Todd

John Peri
Portrait of a young friend ..

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