brother boy and sister play violin in ray of light solitude

by Prakarsa Rarindra

brother boy and sister play violin in ray of light game childre kid indonesia rural vill prakarsa rarindra

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Category: Family

Published: Thursday 26th of February 2009 02:02:53 PM


Martha Cabey
The light through the trees is perfect, spotlighting the couple and emphasising the focus. Composition is great and the interaction between subjects wonderfully tender. Regards.

hans peters
A beautiful picture of the interaction between the two kids. Maybe a slightly warmer tone ? cheers, hans

Jacquelyn Marcial
Great photograph. The ambience the sun rays delivers along with the children give the photo a sort of magical feel. i love the balance between the boy standing against the tree and the little girl sitting in the grass, great visual poetry. -best

Jef Van den Houte
Beautifull light composition.

Anthony Gutowski
Excellent composition and processing. Love the interaction and poses of the main subjects and the curtain of sunlight behind them. Regards

Satish Menon
Excellent Great colors. Excellent composition. Well balanced picture.

Tina Karina
Excellent and very strong image. Great work. Regards, Tina

Melissa G
wonderful image. it has all been said but i especially love the rays of sunlight behind them. just beautiful 7/7

Senol Erdener
Bravo Good light effect and great tones ... Congratulations.

Daniela B
Excellent composition... congrats!

naser heydari
hi Master . is Beautiful . you'r master Me

Tm J
Very lovely!

Rarindra Prakarsa
Morning at city garden Many thanks for your time.

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