Prepare To Meet Thy God

by MacEachern Ian

prepare to meet thy god maceachern ian

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Published: Sunday 7th of July 2002 03:56:43 AM


Lucas Steuber
Excellent shot - dripping with irony.

Bernhard Mayr
Quite obviously this sign is to all who give a cow's ass about god and religion.

Jeff Clark
It's a great shot, but there's a lot more beautiful tonality in that old film than you're giving us. If you're consistant with your development techniques/time then back off about 10% of your time next time and see if you see a little more. Right now it looks like a grade two image printed on grade three. Really good shot, nonetheless!

Marc G.
Aesthetics 9, Originality 10 Another shot of yours I really like a lot. There's quite a bit of humor here, and can just wonder whether the cows noticed it or not...:-)

George Vincent
I like it, but I'd prefer the foreground cow to be facing the camera and the sky is a little too blown out.

wally raynes
Aesthetics 9, Originality 9 Great Photo!!

Oliver Indra
Aesthetics 10, Originality 10 Absolutely fantastic!! 10/10 for shure!!

Ri┬ęk Vincent
Prepare to meet thy God Very humorous, yet it is a fact of life for these cows who are likely to end up in the slaughterhouse before long.

Andrew Somerset
I love this picture. The cows seem resigned to their fate.

Kristian Larsen
great. very nice photo. like the comments about the cow's facing their destiny, but i like the picture more when i think of us humans as the cows. the thought that we are just caddle in a herd waiting to die. gives a different angle to the photo, for me anyways.

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