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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


John Peri
Sure Tom, but it's only a parody of our Venetian and Florentine past .... and at look how the mother is smiling - how would that have looked in those austere "celestial" times!

Søren Nielsen
Great originality. I like the arch in the background. The expression on the boy's face is priceless. Her's too. I don't know what, but it reminds me of something that I've seen before.

Tom Meyer
Vesica Pisces The portal through which the divine becomes flesh.

Here some of your photoshop skills could enhance the perception of the iconic Madonna and Child you surely intended to invoke. Maybe the halo would be too much (smiley face goes here...), but a more exhalted or mundane environmental context (background) would exponentially improve this image (rather than the patterned couch and book shelf). Either celestial or pastoral (in your graphic art poster style!) or perhaps something more campy to fit the mood, would make the connect for so many viewers. Your subjects are perfect, as are their poses... t

I'm looking for our earlier conversation (too many images!)

Marc G.
Expressions are great, but I'm honestly not very enthusiastic about the lighting... Highlight and shadow in the background mainly.... The colors also could be improved. The background is quite busy as well... And I'm finally not very keen about the oval frame... Maybe its edges are too sharp... Still, quite a good image, but not that perfect for me, and you have shown better work imo... Regards.

Michael Castellano
Fabulously clever and original. Sort of something straight from of one of Tony Soprano's sexual fantasies.

Ron Chappel
No,this is silly.Does one have to be catholic to 'get'it?

Tom Meyer
I'm not Catholic... But I saw it right away.

Be curious... life is more fun that way... t

Detlef Klahm
though the background may be slightly distracting...it also adds to the whole shot...the enviroment mother and child are placed in, warms this image. As of course does her laughter and the childs perplex look...Another great image John..

George Vincent
Another fine one, John. Pattern of the couch a bit distracting, as is object just above boy's head and to right of woman's head, but I love the positioning of subjects. I always look at the positioning of the hands. They are in the right spot while still looking very natural.

Tom Meyer
it would not have worked then, but it sure would work now... t

Alexey Sorokin
Great! Every detail perfectly fit .

Douglas Keller
One of my favorites of yours, John. Congrats.

Daniel Vinklar
great photo, I am not sure about the black oval mask though. (and the lady - she is just so beautiful)

Steve Bingham
Lose the mask. Pretty bold photograph otherwise.

Frunze Verdi
+ + +

Beepy .
Damn - this one leapt out at me - and didn't notice it was a mask until Steve mentioned it. What I saw was just the top curve creating a reference to Madonna and Child altar piece in my mind. Lose the bottom of the mask! :-) Great composition.

Tammy V.
Just taking a peek through your portfolio, John, and this one really caught my eye. What a sweet, sweet photo this is. I got so tickled at the placement of his left hand. Mom is obviously enjoying the session and is completely at ease. You really have such talent for capturing these special moments. ;)

John Peri
Thanks Tammy, they were fun to photograph

John Peri
Thanks, but I'm not quite sure that I understand the meaning of your message? There was no cynical intent meant in this photo, and the mother (and husband) in question love the image. Even if there had been some analogy meant with the Virgin and Child, it is an image of joy and I therefore see no possible conflict of feelings here.

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