Asylum #2

by MacEachern Ian

asylum nikon f kodak tri x pan toronto mm maceachern ian

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Published: Saturday 6th of July 2002 05:19:13 AM


Jean-Francois Amadei
Unforgettable... 10/10 I saw some of your pictures in a magazine, a rather long time ago... I really can not remember which one, but for sure I never forgot THIS one hat can even shock, some migth say. I just think it is a wonderfull one. Lot of feelings watching this again. Thanks for sharing....

Jesse Jenkins
Aesthetics 7, Originality 8 Tough subject. Keep up the good work.

Alex Taylor
Very powerful, this whole folder is powerful. Well done.

Jim Fryer
Ian. As a documentary photographer myself I would say that these asylum pictures are some of the best reportage photos I've seen. Well done

I don't know what value my comment adds but I just wanted to say that this photo is the most disturbing of all, in this series. I can say it's a brilliantly composed picture, which in fact it is and so are a lot of yours where the composition is stunning, it's hard to look beyond the shock the content creates. Maybe that's your success right there as a journalist. In that sense, I don't even know if lay people like me should even attempt to comment on the photographic elements and techiniques in a documentary/journalistic style picture, but rather just appreciate the message and content and stop there and leave the criticism part to those who may have a first hand experience in photo journalism. Just a confused thought anyway. Keep up the good work.

Sam F
What's great about this is that you've managed to get a touch of humour in an otherwise very powerful and moving image. The framing of this is superb.

Liana Salman
Aesthetics 7, Originality 7 This is very inspiring

andre napier
one of the 10 best pictures on this web side.

Bart .
what a wonderful photo

The photo stopped me for 2 hours.

Piotr Kowalik
Strong vision. Great.

Mark B Bartosik
One of the best photographs I’ve ever seen.

Sigfrid Lopez
This is undoubtedly among the best photos in Every time I look at it, it shocks me.

Desmond du Mont
You are such a compelling photographer... Your images ooze the emtions you are capturing...

G .
I guess practically everyone will relate to this image, having at some point experienced isolation. However, to think of people experiencing it on a daily basis almost brings tears to my eyes.

Ian, I am always amazed at your ability to convey so much more than the physical in your photography - you have an incredible talent for capturing the intangible. Your pictures have soul.

ps I have lost count of how many times I have revisited your folders, but as your photos grow on me more each time I see them, I end up just appreciating them and finding myself unable to critique. In effect I have been experiencing much the same feelings as commented by Balaji Rani.

M. Hayward

Bob Pictaker
This truly is one of the most amazing images on this entire site.

Carl Williams
What they all said. Don't think I can contribute any meanigful criticism of this (well, OK, mebbe the scan could do without the interference patterns :-)) - it's a super shot in a powerful series, well composed for impact, clear and to the point.

Rendben Zsoltán
your asylum photos have this kind of punctum, not the subjects though, but the dummy-like figures in the background. mesmerizing. the subjects are also perfect of course.

Fernando Ochoa Olivares
sad but true, i plan to do a series about a psych hosp, the only thing is PERMISSION to do it, this is one of the most shocking non-war pics i have seen.

Matthew Dapkus
This is moving. Very moving. Thought-provoking. Even if I were not told it was from an asylum it would certainly emote despair and isolation. One of my favorite photos I have ever seen. I really don't know what else to say but stunning.

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