Dipper's habitat

by Soini Hannu

dippers habitat finland seeking critique soini hannu

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Published: Monday 16th of February 2009 10:47:13 AM


Libor Vasa
There seems to be far too much contrast in the image. I know that it is very hard to capture both extremely light snow and extremely dark water, but you could have tried harder - some processing could make it into a nice picture. The bird is completely lost, I almost haven't noticed it at all. Anyway, one way to make it a better photograph could be trying some unorthodoxcropping - how about making it really wide landscape, cropping the bottom snow completely?

Douglas Stemke
I would also add it usually is a better idea to having animals look 'into' an image rather than 'out of it'. Provides more interest to the image.

Hannu Soini
lighter version...while awaiting for the close--ups:)

Hannu Soini
thank you for your comment. The picture was mainly taken to illustrate the surroundings of this bird which migrates here over winterperiod. The larger view reveal more and future photos of the same bird:) Thank you again. BR Hannu

Hannu Soini
Hmm... Well.. I am not sure of that..- if you have trained animals in your studio that works like with models –they do as you ask them…and you are right - I would also say that people are more pleased to look at the photos where the animal is either looking towards the center or directly at you. Best owl shots are mug shots as we all know..? Personally I do not have any likings whether the birds are flying North or South, West or East- and in general feel content if I am able to deliver a decent shot of a shy bird. In the nature the models do not obey you and you are on their territory – and mostly considered a nuisance or disturbance of some sort. So being a paparazzi in the nature you have to be content what you get. I think you would have to agree with me if I could deliver a shot where Marilyn Monroe would be dipping in the water and anybody would not care if she would be looking left or right;) – my assumption is of course that she would be more keen to pose than these birdies. BR Hannu

Hannu Soini
Cinclus cinclus White troated dipper (Cinclus cinclus ) in its natural winter habitat. C&C are welcomed.

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