Vernazza (Cinqueterre) fishing village. A remake in 6x7 of a picture I already took in 35 mm.

by Pocopagni Enrico

vernazza cinqueterre fishing villagea remake in x pocopagni enrico

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Published: Friday 5th of July 2002 12:46:25 PM


Enrico Pocopagni
Thanks Hello, Jordie Thanks for the suggestion and the proof. I think the increased contrast is good for a graphical impact of the image, but could prevent the readability of the dark areas that, in the real transparency are richly detailed (the foliage long the cliffs falling into the sea looks like hairy cotton). Furthermore, the real image was far less contrasty than is the picture, despite of the employ of the graduated grey ND to soften the overall contrast (the sun is in the frame). So I prefer a rendition closer to my memory than a picture that winks an eye to the viewer's taste. Best regards.

jordi grandia
nice place... ...and vey nice shot, but I think i could be better withe more contrast like the example, no?

Alberto Pastorelli
Wonderful view of Vernazza, perfect realization. The contrast is more than excellent for a photo in backlighting.

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