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Gallery: Glamour Photography 1

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Published: Tuesday 10th of February 2009 10:43:05 AM


James Baeza
The model is of course beautiful and talented as always. The setting here with regards to the textures and colour is quite nice. Her long legs and attire work well against the fabric. I am curious as to what the shadows are against the wall. They are a little distracting but not enough to compromise the image of the lovely lady. Best regards.

Stephen Solomon
Progression, That's Good! Hey, John! I caught sight of this image and find it to be a radical departure from many of your previous shots. I mean with regard to pose and lighting. It is very dramatic, and I like it a lot. I decided to peruse this gallery once more, and I noted that since the beginning, you have really become masterful with these familiar locations and various lighting situations due to the fact that all of the images appear unique. The only constant I can identify is that your models are always beautifully photogenic and their attitudes/ personalities are very diverse and portrayed well. You get better as time goes by and should be very proud of your collection. Steve

gary minor
Hi John, I agree with Raymond, you have mastered the art of nude photography and we do have a lot to learn from you.

James Baeza
Thanks John. I think I prefer the colour version. Your model just fits right into that pallet. I appreciate your indulging me. Thanks again.

Raymond Borg
Hi John, I like this image a lot. You have mastered very well the art of nude photography and I have a lot to learn from you. This a great shot and in my opinion, the shadows work very well here and adds to the dramatic feeling. Congrats.

Jim Phelps
John, This is great! Hard shadows with soft light, a dramatic pose, and lots of black/white contrast. Extreme Kudos to you both! Everything works together extremely well to create the final dramatic look, yet retain the glamour. Jim Phelps

Marc G.
This has a couple of interesting positive aspects... Firstly, her face - and expression. 2) The lovely shadows on the white background. 3) The pose - especially good for the "skinny" aspect of her body to appear strongly. What I like a bit less is this colorful curtain and the way it is affected by her arm at the top. Finally, I'm sure you have a good reason to add a russian icon next to her - she might be Russian perhaps...? All in all, and because of the curtain and icon - the 2 colored areas that somehow compete with her, my last comment would be: I'd personnally prefer a more sober and simple composition: her and the white wall. Or I find the B&W suggestion interesting, but this b&w conversion here can be improved quite a bit, and needs to be imo. Cheers.

John Peri
Thanks Steve, hy Jim ... it's evening light coming ni from the balcony. The shadow arises ffrom the plants .... I have several shots without these, but I thought this one looked a little different ..

John Peri
Thank you my friends, but shhh ... some people read these things and it makes their blood boil .. :-) .. but the truth is that we all learn something new all the time, and I never cease to learn something from all the feedback I receive and other work that I see. My contribution, if ever there is one, is in trying inasmuch as is possible to get these young ladies to be themselves in a natural environment . You can't win them all though, sometimes it looks ok, others not.

James Baeza
Humm. The shadows. Jim brings up an interesting point about the shadows being hard. Now I am curious as to how this would look as a black & white. I bet she would pop wonderfully from the environment. Just a thought.

Maurizio Moro
For me,...a bit better the b/w!...Ciaomau!

Meir Samel
shadow the only thing that looks to me "not right" .... at the very top of her left leg (would you call that near the thigh?) there is a sharp cut of of the shadow to bright area and it would look better to me if the boundary were more diffuse or no boundary such that the skin tone throughout matched the rest of your body or better a highlight like up on her breast Don't know if I explained cogently...

Jim Phelps
John, While I prefer the color image, the B&W is also good. The "mood" changes entirely in the B&W image. Jim Phelps

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition and model pose.Regards.Janusz.

Alon Eshel
Great composition , I love the colors balance , light and shapes . It works better in color that b&w

John Peri
Here is the black and white version reposted .. I was previously on a laptop ...

Aivar Susi
Hi another good work from You....well done ,I like a lot !!

Raymond Elstad
Marvelous is this image John. Great Setting, pose and attitude of the model and I'm quite taken with the cross about her neck juxtaposed against the relegious icon hanging upon the wall... Bravo!

John Peri
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