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Published: Tuesday 3rd of February 2009 10:50:18 AM


Alberto Quintal
John Excellent!!! Alberto

Peter Meade
It's that same coat again! And very nicely modelled too Did the passers-by going into the door notice what you were doing?

Janusz Taras
Beautiful composition in sepia tone.

John Peri
Hy Peter, no, different minicoat, different model and different passers by ! People are most often too involved with themselves to notice others ... the ones that are usually more attentive are the drivers passing by .. but they can't stop . :-)

John Peri
I wonder why Gary .. ?! Thank you, glad you all enjoyed it. Kudos to the model too, a young lady with a terrific sense of humour .. we will do more one day ..

For sure it is daring. From the aesthetic point of view the picture is nothing special - nothing to say about the model - and the flash does not improve it: reflection on the window and on the model's torso are not particularly attractive. The her hair and the window sill melt together and might look better if separated.

Eric Lefebvre
Not so far from home, close in fact...Sorry I wasn't buzzing around (I work to late). More seriously it's a real surprise to discover such pictures and I guess how complicated it is to work in the streets. And to convince your models. Would like to know how you choose the places and the hour. Nice model Greetings, Eric

gary minor
Look what happens here. Strong lines tapering off in the distant usually take your eyes with them. But here the model defies your eyes to drift off. Beautiful, fun image with a powerful composition. Excellent 7/7

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi Joshn. Very beautiful photos, and very nice model. With a lovely model the rest of the street and the details are not important. Best regards. Friendly. Jean-Jacques.

Michael Meneklis
Very impressive and beautiful creation. Bravo .

Umair Ghani
signature PERI work! amazing grace! regards!

John Peri
Eric, apart from the fact that it was freezing cold, I'm lazy .. this was mid afternoon just below my apartment building. In Spring however, we will be more enterprising ... yes, it is rather complicated, but the girls find it very very funny, even if they are a little apprehensive at first ...(see above just after the other person walked by!). Both the young ladies modelling here are students. Kudos to them, you know it's really quite a challenge to do this, I certainly couldn't ! I've had shots wih people passing by, but the trouble is that if they are recognizable, you cannot post the work .. Some of the funniest photos I have taken actually were of another student friend in the Paris metro, Porte Dauphine at midday ... not one person noticed that there was a girl standing there reading a newspaper, wearing only boots underneath an open overcoat !

Romeo Calin
if you wonder about my rating! I am someone who looks up to you once in a while. Lately i start seen you as "commercialized". I am honest when i say that i wish i could see something like or as close as the early works i see in your portfolio! But who am i to critique your work! After all, you are the ar... photographer. I don`t think sixes are worth it here, not talking about the sevens!!!!!

Sweid Sideris
A classic Peri's bold work, plenty of charme, audacious, and refined aesthetics! A pleasure my friend, like always.

John Peri
Romeo, I'm not sure what you mean exactly by commercial, but please do not hesitate ever to be critical and to give me a 3 or 4 when you think a photo is not up to standard. That's what I post my work for. With a sufficient amount of feedback, you get a pretty good idea of what has appeal or not. I did this photo to add to a series for a new publication. it was freezing cold, dark (had to use a flash) and people were simply everywhere, which is fine if they are placed correctly and the model is not totally traumatized. I first told the model there was nothing worth keeping and then chose this one from among the 7 or 8 shots that we took, which I find ok, no more, no less. It does convey in my view the attempted carricature or parody on the busy manager going back home in a busy street after a hard day's work, even if technically there are all kinds of things wrong with it. As for commercial, well I think that everything we produce for view is commercial, the more dramatic, the more so, nothing wrong with that. This is not taken for a family album after all ! As regards repetition, that is done on purpose. One alongside the other with different persons, different situations, varied expressions of both models and sometimes passers by could turn out to be fun, we'll see. Thanks for comnig by, the others too.

James Baeza
You should consider a book of these. Coats in other environments as well. Always public. Always beautiful.

Bill Symmons
Hi John I spent some time with this one. It doesn't seem to stand alone, most of your pictures are portraits to me, even if the models are nude. And you project an intimacy with the model in those. This seems cooler and more detached. But it could well stand up as part of a series when all are viewed together. Then a storyline might evolve. "Technically" I think the flash helps isolate the model, but it might be a fraction heavy. As always, your work is worthy of study and comment. My compliments, Bill

gary minor
I just think there is a strong statement in this photo. Whether it is commercial, fine art or documentary etc.. I don't consider this a particularly pretty photo but it is a powerful documentary shot.

Michael S. Maddox
John, you're well on your way to "out-Newtoning" the late master himself! This is another fun installment to your series... it quickly brings a smile.

Lennart Goldmann
John, this is another great photo in your series - technical details don't matter here, it is after all a snapshot so no need for perfection. However, I would mix the full nudes with some other shots, where the nudity and stockings are more hinted, less exposed. E.g. the furcoat could "accidentally" be just slightly opened by a gust of wind, and we would catch a glimpse ... This idea reflects my philosophy: to leave something to the imagination - that a photo is more suggestive if it ... suggests, rather than exposes. Well, just my mind being triggered by your inspiring art. I may try it myself soon ... Regards Lennart PS: If"commercial" means: appealing to many rather than to just a few, I see nothing wrong with that. As long as the aesthetic qualities are there, be commercial and don't think twice about it!

Aivar Susi
Hi John exxelent photo ,very well done :)

Romeo Calin
Thank`s for explaining John. Its how i learn . "commercialized" to me is when everything looks or starts to look the same.

A.K. Sircar
John , you mentioned that freezing cold. Bold and beautiful street-shot. Had it been in India, there would have been traffic jam and/or fatal accidents:-)

Els Wetting
The models having fun, you having fun, and the people who are 'not' seeing it having fun and I have fun for sure -Els, Netherlands

John Peri
Thank you Lennart. No comments really, it's just a snapshot as you say. Nothing special on this occasion, but some of the most memoable photos have been snapshots .. :-)

Maurizio Moro
A very nice idea, my friend!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
Back from the office .. .. a series

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