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Published: Friday 30th of January 2009 07:01:18 PM


Bob Kurt
Beautibul portrait!. Great composition and colours. Really, really nice. Congratulations.

Janusz Taras
Excellent work.7/7anon.Regards.Janusz.

Tore Nilsson
I like this one too, really nice. Good work by you both. best regards Tore

Raymond Elstad
Lovely Indeed and I quite like the humor of your model mimicing the pose of the figure in the painting behind her on the wall...

Jim Phelps
John, I particularly like the way the reds work in this image. The lipstick draws you to her face and the red cloth (Toga??) in the image draws you to the woman in the painting. Jim Phelps

Alon Eshel
The model with the painting behind work perfectly

John Peri
You got it Raymond .. !

Neil Peters
eyes that speak, and her ever so gentle lean backwards, fragile and stubborn at the same time. priceless.

Scott Gardner
On purpose?

OK, in addition to the commonality with the painting behind her, I gotta ask if you sequenced this after the Tony Perkins image because they're holding similar poses, albeit with very different attitudes?

John Peri

Thanks for passing by Scott.

.. no, not really, I only rarely pose people.  She's really crossing her arms to keep her dress up .. but then a photographer's eye catches what he sees .. !

John Peri
Oh, you think so really .. ? ..

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