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Published: Tuesday 27th of January 2009 10:42:27 AM


Luis Miro
Hi John! Nice shot, good composition and reflects, I like it. Best regards, Luis

James Baeza
Sorry to go against here but I feel that the focus is a little soft here. Her eyes not having the sharpness and clarity of many of your other images. Her reflection actually looks a little sharper. I do however like the composition and the mood presented here. Best regards.

John Peri
Gracias Anne. Su presencia en mi página es siempre tal alegría para mí. Besos, John Jim, no problem, on the contrary, thank you as always for expressing your point of view. I"m still working off a laptop and I do not really see the focus issue, but undoubtedly it is there. At any rate, these are hand held photos and there will always be a bit of movement. It's really more about the moment .. and, as you can see, I was quite fearful as the panther was ready to strike at any moment !

Bob Kurt
Nice composition.

Peter Meade
Lots of style and a great, moody pose. P

Janusz Taras
Excellent work John.7/7 anon.

Raymond Elstad
A most marvelous image of this goddess John! Great pose, attitude, reflection, and setting... The sultry direct gaze is rather perfect. The copyright notice here and elsewhere detracts I feel and really does nothing to protect you as it is easily removed in p shop... just a thought... -r-

Maurizio Moro
...7/7!!!...no less!...Ciaomau!

Alberto Quintal
John Excellent!!! Alberto

Stephen Solomon
I love the tension expressed in her fingers. Just her hands and their reflection make a great abstract detail. In fact, combine her hands with her gaze and it connects three points of a tension "triangle". Good b & w image! Great composition!

Jim Phelps
John, Her eyes make this image also! The reflection from the piano give the image an interesting symmetry. Kudos to you both. Jim Phelps

anne knes
10 / 10. Haber John, si estudias español, esta es una mas de tus bellesas, ese pecho que no se ve, y ese que se ve reflejado en la mesa, estan fantasticos. me gustan siempre tus fotos. te dejo un gran beso . _____ anne...

gary minor
Excellent composition and beautiful tones

David Bradley
Magical! This really is wonderful...love the reflection(s), and those eyes...David

Tore Nilsson
You have a very good feeling for the B&W I think, and you have an amazing ability to find talented and beautiful models too. I am impressed by both properties. beautiful as usual I love her expression.. well done to you both Best regards Tore

Jerry Matchett
John, I would rate this as one of your best in terms of eye-grabbing emotion. The pose, the tones, the use of reflection all grab me with impact and raw sensuality. I am a little surprised by your need to post the copyright twice, however. Regards, Jerry

John Peri
Twice? You must have a different moniotor to me .. I don't see it .. some mistake somewhere .. ?

John Peri
Many thanks Steve. If I am able to reply it's that I survived the ordeal ... :-)

John Peri
Portrait of a young lady .. an ongoing series, all taken on the same spot

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