JP F618

by Peri John

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Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Published: Monday 1st of July 2002 08:43:07 PM


Stephen Haynes
Very nice, John. I do very much like this. (As you know, I have a partiality to reclining nudes captured from behind .... LOL.)

Harriet Carpenter
Aesthetics 8, Originality 8 nice in B&W

Michael Castellano
Very beautiful use of B & W. Did you also try one with the head tilted back so as to see some of the facial profile?

Tony Samples
This could be my favorite of yours so far, John. Very tasteful and moody, somehow.

Stik K
Lovely pose... I didn't notice the wine glass until I viewed the colored version (I prefer this B&W). This is a timeless classic shot.

John Peri
Thanks Kudzu, Tony and the others too.

Nana Sousa Dias
Beautifull image!

Marc G.
I've been critical when I thought I had to be, John, and you called it closed-mindedness, but you see, here, I'll just say this: hats off !

Miguel S.

Jerry Matchett
Great work as always !

pepe alias boulette

wahidin mustopa
idenya bagus, pilihan menggunakan film b&w juga tepat, sebab kalo nyetak di lab bisa digandain ama orang lab, he. he

George Kenney
Wonderful!! Very beautiful.

John Peri
This is fascinating, but I haven't yet found the dictionary that will translate it!

Angelika K.

Estêvão Lafuente beautifull

Afzal Ansary
Fantastic Well done !! Excellent work.Lets see more of this kind of creativity please. Afzal Ansary

Beepy .
I too like the B&W original better. Very good.

John Peri
I just felt that the composition needed a focal point, but thanks for the critic.

John Cooper
Absolutely gorgeous!!!!...........but why the wine glass? I do not intend to be overly critical, but the composition, texture, lighting, everything about the human form is immaculate and, to me, the wine glass throws off what would have been a perfect balance.

jason shu
I agree about the wine glass, I don't think its needed, but it is subtle enough to not detract in any way. I like the fact that the image has equal weight between the form, composition, and subject matter. I see too many nudes&figures rated on this site that are purely overt sexual poses dominating all aspects of the picture. This image truly is wine over soda.

Armindo Lopes
A masterpiece for my taste...

James Buff
Sweet I always learn so much from this type of Photo.Very very good.Love it in B&W

Temel Cam
Wonderful, Very beautiful !!! Oktay Cagatay

Charles Carper
An alabaster floating quality

Sarah Kane
Came back to check up on how you're doing John, very well I see!! I wanted to comment on this photo before... This image is beautiful, reminds of that painting of the nude from behind, that Valasquez painted, the Rokeby Venus. Excellent!!

terra fender
this is a beautifull photograph, i like the way the model is'nt seated to look "perfect". it looks so very real. exellent work.

Kelvin Bernard
Very special

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