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Gallery: "Backstage" ... or what goes on behind the scenes !

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Published: Friday 16th of January 2009 11:44:22 AM


Maurizio Moro
Very nice, like usual, but the little fly of the cat is really "great"!!!....Compliments, my dear!...Ciaomau!

Adam Jean-Jacques
Hi John. Verry nice shoot,beautifull scene as life, pretty model, a good time between a very nice and sexy mouse and a cat This is a lucky cat, especially the photographers ... hi hi hi hi Best personnal regards. Friendly. Jean-Jacques.

Jim Yolda
Nice casual scene with your quintessential lighting. Excellent mid-air stop. Overall it captures the fun we have with our pets and the fun they have with us!

Jim Yolda
Wish Granted - but my comments still are valid!

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful!!! Lucky cat. Alberto

A.K. Sircar
John, please post few more of 'different strokes' from you and do not remove this image. You not only made me smile ,but also made me love the antics of cute cats:-) Composition,exposure and light are commendable.

John Peri
I'll remove this soon, just wanted to make people smile. In the meantime, it is absurd of me to have posted it for rating .. It has nothing to do with good or bad photography. For goodness sake just ignore it or give it a three !

Edwin M. Rosenbloom
Och John, am nae saein onything aboot dis foti cos a dinnae think ye like ma pussie comments !!!!

John Peri
Well, thank you all, Stephen in particular, though you are all so supportive. In that case, I'll leave it here and place it in my backstage file ! There is so much that goes on behind the scenes. If you find it fun, then I'll post more from time to time .. :-)

Stephen Solomon
Even though you may feel it is "silly" to have posted this image with regard to the other images in your gallery, this image is very relative to all of them. Your models exude youth, beauty, sexuality, grace and confidence. We rarely get to see the playful side of their personalities. After all, they are human and very capable of distraction from displaying how they really feel vs. "status-quo". I would like to comment that I find your model has stricken a bold, sexy pose whether she intended to or not. It is delightful in natural spontaneity,... her hand above the cat is so graceful and she appears to truly be absorbed in the actions of her furry companion. You, John, have recorded the image! I say it is an excellent depiction of your subject and she should be very happy to have been part of it. The cat just happened to be one of the main attractions. The lighting is great, the action is excellent, the wardrobe is perfect and the composition is what it is. Everything works!!!!!! I also noticed the artwork above the chair....., have I seen this before? Keep it posted. It fits! Steve

John Peri
Jim,, thanks, but I wasn't addressing myself to you. I just suddenly realized that I posted this for critique which exposes it to ratings too.. :-). Thanks for passing by again, hope you smiled ! You are right about the animals. I went over to photograph my friend Gaia and spent more time playing with the cat than in doing photos off her !

Tore Nilsson
A cat which makes a high-five it was something new :) I like the picture you have a good model and nice composition, the light may not be in your regular class here, a little more contrast would be good in my opinion. But over all nice work, it has alot of content If you only postit to make us smile, you succeeded :) best regards Tore

Thomas Collins
Ha! I love it! Real life drama. I hope your cat is declawed.

John Peri
That's mine ... give it back ... !

Miguel Boyayan
Boa foto, abra├žos.

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