Bill Describing the Way Things Used to Be

by Kelly Landrum

bill describing the way things used to be salisbury canon ds mk ef f kelly landrum

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Published: Sunday 11th of January 2009 05:03:28 AM


W J Gibson
well done -- are there more of this session

Landrum Kelly
I've got a few to sort out, Bill, but most did not give anything worth keeping. Thanks for visiting. --Lannie

Liz Weisiger
Yeah, Lannie, I know guys like him. They really do remember "the good ole days", and I know they miss 'em. I love how you captured him in this pose, toothpick in place, bruises and wrinkles, yet clear about how life is different, and maybe not understanding why. Keep him talking, he has lots more to say that I'd like to hear.

Landrum Kelly
Liz, thank you for your comments. I'm sorry to say that Bill passed away this past week. He was well into his eighties but had no gray hair. He lived diagonally across the street from me. I will miss him. --Lannie

Landrum Kelly
Bill Describing the Way Things Used to Be This is my neighbor Bill describing the way things used to be in the neighborhood.


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