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Published: Thursday 1st of January 1970 12:00:00 AM


Gallego Caldas Jordi
Sin duda un gran trabajo, tanto recopilación como de creatividad y de edición., gracias por compartirlo, pienso que estos trabajos no se pueden premiar con puntos, se merecen mucho más. Espero que sea un gran éxito para ti.. Saludos. -A great job, both as a collection of creativity and editing. Thanks for sharing, I think this work can not be rewarded with rates, they deserve more. Hope will be a great success for you .. Greetings.

Giuseppe Pasquali
Jeffrey, you did a very good job. I think it conveys the crowded, dusty, fight atmosphere. Thank you for sharing, wish all the best, Giuseppe

Keith Lancaster
Hi Jeff Looks like an excellent production by you. The American Civil War is a very interesting subject and well worth your trouble....Good luck and Regards from England

Leslie Bingham Bennett
Jeffrey What a great idea. I assume it will be sold at the event. Perfect work I am certain it will be very successful. Very impressive Jeffrey! Best wishes, I beleive all your hard work will pay off :) The layout is great. Take care, and thanks for sharing with us! Leslie :)

Diego Ravalico
Hi Jeffrey A great piece of history! Brilliant idea, excellent composition.....7/7anon....and congrats, my friend!

Janusz Taras
Excellent document Jeffrey.7/7 Anon.Janusz.

Bulent Celasun
What a nice and solid project! I can see that it required a good amount of time and determination from shooting to post processing.
Your work is really inspiring and watching these photos put me in a creative mood! Not a bad thing at all :)
Many thanks for sharing them.

Dimitris Vasiliou
It was B. Shaw, I believe, that said; ''History teaches one thing, that we have learned nothing''...I hope that he was wrong. Very good work Jeffrey.

Philip Ward
Bravo Jeffery!. I am sure it will be a huge success and I see it is priced quite inexpensively.Great work.

Linh Dinh
Great idea! Very creative! 7/7a. Best regards.

Kathy B.
Outstanding work, Jeffrey! Congratulations! Definitely this is 7/7 work.

Joseph Tury
Awesome!! Congrats on putting out the book. Hope you sell a ton! I love the layouts. You did a great job of putting cohesive images together.

Sonali De
Hello Jeffrey Best of luck for this book with stunning images a great documentary value. I am sure this book will be a great success. Congratulations for your effort. My best to it.

Fred Young
Lovely work. Great concept, and well executed, as always.

Lawrence Paiken
Very educational...well done, Jeff. Have a great week-end. Lawrence.

Rakesh Syal
Great work and presentation, my friend!! Warm regards, Rakesh.

Bartosz Modrzejewski
Fantastic work Jeffrey i love it Congratulation. Best regards Bart

Vladut Ciprian
Great effort! Looking forward to the next book!

Ricardo Maximo Lopez D'Angelo
Excellent idea, my friend !!. Congratulations for the book ... I'm sure it will be (it is !!) a great success for you !!. My best wishes ... a big hug !!

Dara P.
Hi Jeffrey nice work It is a very interesting and comprehensive work and its well shot and layed out...wish you lots of success with publishing it...United States vs. Confederate States and "Making the Rebel Stand" interesting stuff... The shots look like movie stills from a epic war movie...just one point I noticed that the rifleman on page 7 is wearing sun glasses that did'nt exist in the 1860s. In any case nice work and informative stuff makes me go back and think about some of the many causes of the American Civil War...abolition of slavery (just and noble), states rights (politics and constitution) ,control of the industrial and banking north over the wealth and resources of the rural south (economics, hegemony,greed) . A war that pitted brother against brother and father against son...it is supposed to be one of the worst Civil Wars in history. The wounds and divisions ran so deep (especially in the south) that they were visible even until the 1950s and 1960s...Regards

Jose Ignacio Saez de Ugarte
Excelente!! Gran trabajo documental e histórico, Jeffrey. Además de la calidad de las imágenes, tu trabajo de investigación se merece todo el éxito que te deseo. 7/7 y enhorabuena.

Theodore Mattas
I had already commented the very first time we met each other here on photonet that your civil war shots are brilliant, "real" and dynamic that somebody might believe that you were indeed there!! Excellent work, congratulations for your first publication, regards, Teo

A.K. Sircar
And the Oscar goes to Jeffrey for excellent documentary.Stunning images. I wish that your book is appropriately appreciated and have good sale.

Gorm Rudschinat
a pictural story of the history of USA, great shots

Marjorie Smith
Unique idea..well accomplished...7/7...Marjorie

Glauco Dattini
Hi Jeffrey! Excellent documentary work, perfect performance! Best wishes for your book. 7/7! Have a nice weekend.

Markus Latva-aho
Great job and so happy that you let us all see the preview of your work. Such a generosity to let us see the whole book. Thank you!

Mike Mancil
Alas, I assume we lose again.... sigh! Great book though... Mike

Lester A. Garcia
Very admirable work!

Gopi Krish
Hi Jeffrey. You did a great job telling this story. Excellent work my friend!

Piet Flour
congratulations jeffrey, I hope your book will be a great success. Always interesting to work on large projects! Cheers, Piet

Razvan Ditescu
Extraordinary piece of work Jeffrey! Regards, Razvan

Antoni Tomadakis
Great work Jeffrey, congratulations! By the way, Happy 2009 my friend, we just came back from a trip to the snowy north. My belated wishes for you and your loved ones.

Oskar Papierz
Congratulations my friend!

Cynthia Jean
Jeffrey Wonderful work here. A great share for all. Unique. 7/7a Take care

Andrea de Bonis
hw to get it? jeffrey, is a graet use of your passion for photographie

Eric Gerber
Very impressive Jeff, I hope your book is very successful. Good luck!

Carey Moulton
Jeff, the book seems to deliver the "being there" experience very well. From the pages shown I can let my imagination run, and "experience" what it must have been like those 200+ years ago on the battlefields, just like a real enactment...

Tina Karina
Hi Jeff, I'm fascinated of your book and unique photos. Congratulations!!!! Great work. Thank you for sharing. Warm regards, Tina

Ramon Romero
Un trabajo realmente fantastico.Enhorabuena.Saludos y 7/7.

Christine R
Very interesting and unique documentary. Excellent composition and point od view. Best regards Christine

Babak Ka
Dear Jeffrey Fantastic work. Rgrd Bobak.ka

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