by Peri John

untitled nude seeking critique peri john

Gallery: Artistic Nudes in black and white 2

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Category: Nude and Erotic

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Software : Adobe Photoshop 7.0

Published: Thursday 8th of January 2009 12:12:51 AM


Janusz Taras
Beautiful model and composition.

Jim Phelps
John, Great image! I particularly like the way the cross necklace contrasts with her facial expression. Jim Phelps

Brendan Moloney
Fantastic shot!! Beautiful model!!!

Tim Zeipekis
John...... You are my hero! Your models are gorgeous, your photography is inspiring.......do you need an apprentice? :)

mauro longo
wowwwwww !!!! bravissimoooo !!!

Thomas Collins
You chose a perfect title for this image. She really does project that smoldering look that drives guys crazy. She is lucky to have someone like you John to promote her.

Fred Young
A killer image in all the great and good ways.

Alberto Quintal
John WOW!!! Fantastic. Alberto

Tanya Truong
John! Promise me... to make me look as stunningly hot as this model is ;o). She definitely is a beauty, and your photography brings the best out of her. I like her outfit, i will wear just like that ...:o).

John Peri
I don't know what to say Adrian. My computer has blown up and I am working from a laptop, but that has nothing to do with the focus. I don't see it, undoubtedly you may be right, I am curious as to whether others see that too, thank you ?

adrian oostermeijer
focus Hi John , great and instantly a Peri but I have noticed that your last 8-10 submissions are a little soft, is that done with a purpose or have you got a finger on your lens? Just wondering, keep them coming though! Regards Aad

Lennart Goldmann
Eroticism and religion ... ... could be another title for this one! The cross and New Testament scene contrast the stockings and nudity of the young lady. Her expression combines these opposites, she is restrained and provocative at the same time. She also invites - or challenges -us to go with her behind the curtain. Contrary to their current image, Catholics have also been quite hedonistic at times, behind their doors and curtains ... What will she say at her next confession? So many things can be read into this photo, Or it can be just admired as a great erotic art! Regards Lennart

Stephen Solomon
This is an excellent photo! I took some time while examining it, ...and not just because there is a partially nude, attractive young woman as the main subject. Well, then again.... John, your images inspire and intrigue me. It may not have been intentional, it may have been spontaneous, but you captured it with your own style and vision. I believe the correct word is "aesthetics". The composition is very subtle, almost hidden, because it has a complicated and somewhat cluttered appearance. I see a very strong diagonal line running from the upper left corner. The line starts with the item that the person in the framed artwork is holding, pointing downward and toward the right. If you continue on that line, the view of your models face, necklace, breasts, abdomen, left thigh/ leg and finally, the dark, multi-folded drapery at the lower right of the image, you will see what I mean. It's as if the image is bisected by the visual elements of this sensually intricate line. Maybe I got a little carried away, but that is what I see. Excellent! Steve

John Peri
Ooooh ...how gorgeous, I only vaguely alluded to this further up, I don't think that I dare to answer... :-) Best wishes Lennart. John

Pierre Dumas
Wow, great stuff John! Technically perfect, the richness of tones is magnificent! And all is well done! I envy you! PDE

John Peri
Thank you friends. Steve, I think the most difficult thing for an artist is to critique his own work, for it is very much an instinctive reaction to what he sees and how.There are many moments one can capture, why one in particular as opposed to any another? Personally, I relate to the bivalent attitude of the model here. She is hidden yet exposed, confident yet shy. There are other possibly perceived oppositions also relating to the cross and background, though not necessarily so in my view. Above all, I see a sensitive and self assured young woman, and that is how I like to portray my models. I admire their intelligence and their ability to confront the world head on. The clutter you refer to is a recurrent theme in my work. It does not necessarily denote the amount of material in a scene so much as the complexity it evokes. It sometimes gives for a more subtle and nuanced reading than may otherwise be the case. Thanks for passing by, your comments are always an inspiration.

John Peri
Basic Instinct ..

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