by Peri John

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Published: Tuesday 6th of January 2009 04:14:28 PM


Stephen Solomon
Great attitude in this shot! I like the effect of the single black glove. I would have liked to see her arm extended along the top of the banister. Maybe it would be lost in the blackness of it all. Or, if she had the glove on the opposite hand and still extended the bare hand along the banister, that would solve my hang up. I also think it is interesting in that the curves and medallions within the railing are repeated elsewhere on your model. Nicely composed. Good work!

Thomas Collins
Stunning! Her expression and body language is entirely entrancing. The ornate grillwork is an outstanding prop, complementing the curves of the model. Well done John!

Fred Young
Either two gloves or just one on the left hand. Nice work, though.

Janusz Taras
Excellent work.7/7 anon.Regards.Janusz.

Raymond Elstad
Love the sultry gaze and the attitude... -r-

Maurizio Moro
Like usual, I love a lot your work!...Ciaomau!

John Peri
Thanks Steve .. it was too cold on the staircase to take more than a couple of photos .. we'll get back again. I would have preferred possibly the glove on the other arm ?

These stockings work nice! Maybe both gloves would be even better? Or a hat: "you can leave hat on" :)

Juan Carlos Rivera
I like very much this composition. The model pose is perfect in relation at the veranda. Congrats.

Tammy V.
Amazing! She exudes such a powerful energy. I feel the fluidity of the moment is interrupted by the stripes in her stockings. Otherwise, a perfect composition!

Jim Phelps
John, She has the look. Jim Phelps

Tanya Truong
John... I will bring my own favorite stockings.... Will that work?. Love all the compositional elements in this photo. The model knows her strength, and you know how to bring the best out of her curves, John.

Joseph Hobbs
Attitude There's so much attitude in this image, i love it. Fantastic pose, one of my favourites of yours. I'm a young artist currently working on my own sketching and drawing. I've been doing small studies and sketches from your photos as you always have very interesting poses and brilliant models. Keep up the brilliant work.

Pierre Dumas
Excellent work of art!

Especially beautiful model in challenging pose and curves of the fence...seven all the way! Actually I somehow managed to put three sevens, I just clicked reload when the famous 504 error was shown! Should be reported to the authorities, but I won't do it!

Best regards John!


John Peri
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