Motif #1 Rockport Massachusetts Photos

by Harrington USA Massachusetts J.

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Published: Thursday 1st of January 2009 10:55:28 PM


miguel valvano
The scan was obviously very good. I do not like the horizon in the middle and also the distance. A closer shot would have been much better, but of course I assume this pier may have changed in the last 30 years.

Glenn Urquhart
Hi J. - I have at least 2 Motif #1's on my gallery and my objective is to try to take different perspectives of this highly photographed and painted scene. You have done Well and not 'lame' in your overall composition!!! The vibrant red of the boat contrasts well against the motif and enhances the overall beauty and an orginal perspective of the image!!! The only advise (subjective) that I feel would improve the photo is take out the wires and two telephone poles in the background. Very minor nit, but overall, Well Done! Best wishes, Glenn from New Hampshire!

J. Harrington USA Massachusetts
Motif #1 Rockport Massachusetts Harbor Motif #1 at Rockport, a Massachusetts Icon. I know the composition is a bit lame, but comments and critiques are welcome. This is a ~30yr old negative scan.

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