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Published: Thursday 1st of January 2009 09:40:19 PM


Janusz Taras
Beautiful work John.

Yves Pichon
This is another excellent nude picture. As pointed out in the comments, there are several ways of looking at this picture. To me, the most striking difference between this one and other similar nudes is the face to the model which I find at the same time attractive and mysterious. I have tried to illustrate my point in the enclosed drawing (please feel free to discard it). Congratulations for your work. Yves P.

Alberto Quintal
John Beautiful! Alberto

Stephen Solomon
Hey, John! Greetings and best wishes for a great 2009! It's the end of day one and the beginning of a New Year. With regards to this image, I must say it is subtle and sultry in the models' expression. The cropping leaves much to be desired. Chopping the arm, leg and head is a serious faux pas! One of the three would be permissible, but not the trio together. She just looks crowded into the frame and her facial expression almost screams "HOW DARE YOU, GIVE ME SOME SPACE!!!" Also, I don't like the presence of the tattered sofa cushions which cheats the image of some much deserved class.

Peter Nientied
No hand, legs chopped off, part of head missing, old sofa... I like it a lot. Not too flat - limited contrast is essential here - and the colours are very good, happy 2009. regards

Jim Phelps
John, The black/white contrast works very well here. I particularly like the way her hair frames the face and draws attention to both the eyes and the facial expression in general. My compliments to you both. Jim Phelps

Bob Kurt
very very great...

Juan Carlos Rivera
Very nice pose in a beautiful composition. I enjoy the model glamourous glance and the general image sosftness. Congrats and Happy New Year.

John Peri
Thank you everyone, Stephen in particular, how nice to get such diverging views. I point out Stephen because it's useful to read a critical view, it's what most of all leads one to question one's own reasoning. Right or wrong, the result above was based on choice. I cropped the image to bring attention close in to the subject (I think Jim is right about the eyes) and I softened the image and added pastel like colours to suit her demeanour and overall fragility (but I have no home computer now and I may have overdone it). Though it reflects light rather strangely being a velvet like material and it certainly is not tattered, I would surely do without the pillow and growled when I saw it, but she just got up from lying there and it was a chance opportuniy. Admittedly, I do not mind the arm being cropped, which I feel may otherwise let attention flow more easily out off the screen, but I would have favoured more leg on the other side to balance the image better. Oh well, this is one among many others. It has some good points possibly and undoubtedly bad ones too... I will undoubtedly look at it differently after these comments. She certainly deserves the best. Thanks to all again and warm greetings for 2009.

John Peri
Yves, it's such a pretty drawing. She will see it and I'm sure she will like it too, thank you. The "mystery" in essentially in the eyes, it will differ from one portrayal to another. Happy New Year, John

Sweid Sideris
A delightful selection of astounding models is a well known leit motiv in your works. But this young woman has the most striking, sensual and strong character I ever seen in your extensive collection of images. For me, humble mortal, the secret is her enigmatic gaze and the unique expression of her lips, she knows what to do and she do it, a woman with a perfect conscious of her beauty power and an accurate control on it. What I see? Intelligence, confidence, sensuality, strength, and a singular symbiosis with the photographer. A huge potential, I am expecting for more works of this model. Chapeau mon ami et Bon Annee!!

John Peri
Thank you Carlo, as always the insight into people's thoughts ... you read it well, she's all those things and more, we will work a lot together ..... I gave her the first prints today and took more photos too .. we laugh a lot also .. :-) Best wishes my friend, John

schroeder francis
Great Work John as usual.Congratulation for your publication in the French Photo Mag. Best Regards from France

John Peri
Thank you my friend. Happy New year, John

John Peri
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